The Axiom Truth: A 3-part Intro Song

I wasn’t sure whether to put this in the general fandom section or not, because even though it’s a song, it’s supposed to tell a story.

I started this last night, and got it finished right now. I wrote a 3-part introduction song for WALL•E, and it’s to be sung by all 5 EVE probes. The whole thing is a parody of a Disney song that is also a 3-part introduction, but I’m not going to state which one. I’m going to let you guys guess where I got it from. :wink: I’d also like some suggestions for improvement, just in case it doesn’t sound that well.

So, without further ado, I present you Pixar Planet…

The Axiom Truth

Part 1:

All 5 EVE probes assemble

EVE #2: We are the EVE probes—seekers of vegetation, and proclaimers of heroes

EVE #1 (blushing): Heroes… like WALL•E

EVE #3: Honey, you mean the Waste Allocation Load Lifter-Earth Class. Whoo-hoo! I’d like to make some sweet music!

EVE# 2: Our story, actually begins long before WALL•E, many years ago…

ALL 5 EVEs: Oohh—Ahhh-Ehh-Ahh!!!

EVE# 2: Seven hundred years ago, the planet earth was down on its luck. And everywhere gigantic piles of garbage ran amuck!

EVE# 3: It was a nasty place! There was a mess wherever you stepped.

EVE# 4: Where rubbish reigned and sandstorms and harsh downpours never slept!

EVE #3: Say it, girlfriend!

ALL 5 EVEs: And then the CEO…!

EVE #3: He built the starliners

ALL 5 EVEs: He sent…!

EVE #3: The human race into space

ALL 5 EVEs: That’s right! And on his own devised a cleanup plan! And that’s the Axiom Truth! Buy N Large’s space plan seemed to work!

EVE #1: And that’s the world’s first ditch!

EVE #3: Yeah, baby!

EVE #5: Forthright’s plans have been set in motion.

ALL 5 EVEs: Though honey it may seem impossible, that’s the Axiom Truth! We’re gonna live this Axiom life, so cool and sweet, won’t you?! Ooooohhhh… though honey it may seem impossible, that’s the Axiom Truth!

Jazz Postlude to Orchestral Outro

Part 2:

Light, peaceful melody, transitions to a darker tone

EVE #4: If there’s one bot you don’t want to get steamed up, it’s Auto, and he followed a secret directive…

EVE #3: He ran the command bridge

ALL 5 EVEs: Ohhhh Noooo!

EVE #1: Aaaaaaahhhhh!!!

EVE #3: Though that the earth was done and lacked fruit

ALL 5 EVEs: Ooooohhh-ohhhhh!

EVE #3: He was as cold as he was machine, and that’s the Axiom Truth!

ALL 5 EVEs: Ohhhh Noooo!

EVE #1: Aaaaaaahhhhh!!!

EVE #3: He had a plan…to rock the ship! And that’s the Axiom Truth!!!

The 5 EVE probes start trembling, crying, and freaking out. EVE #1 in particular is screaming like crazy.

Part 3:

Piano interlude

EVE #4: There was but one robot…

EVE #3: Ooo, Ooo, Ooo!

EVE #4: He never was deactivated. He still kept on cubing trash, so thank Buy N Large!

EVE #1: Tell it, girl!

EVE #4: But Captain McCrea never knew this. He never bothered to steer the ship home. So he could only dream of Earth, a place oh so far. Though Auto’s horrid plan…was hatched since twenty-one ten. The trash-bot grew lonelier every day… and that’s the Axiom Truth.

All 5 EVEs: The Axiom… Truth!

This is just so cute and so much fun! I can’t quite coin which Disney song it’s supposed to be, but I’m going to guess it’s something in Hercules. Anyway, great job! This is definitely something that’s never really been done here!

Oh. My. GOODNESS!!! I didn’t think anybody would get it. Yes, the song is “The Gospel Truth”, from Hercules. I never saw that movie until about 2 months ago, and I instantly fell in love with it. It was all action-packed and heroic, with a good amount of humor.

And if you want to know… yes, I did put our beloved EVE as Terpsichore, Muse of Dance. The reason why is because of her (Terpsichore) high-pitched voice, lighthearted attitude, and passion for dancing, and it just fit so well with EVE.

Finally, here’s the actual song:

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

I’m actually considering doing a crossover between WALL•E and Hercules, in which the humanized cast put on a play based on the movie, and they title it “Our Big Fat Greek Musical”. I have the costume designs floating around in my head, and I wanna get them down on paper sooooooo badly. Hopefully I’ll do so one day. :smiley:

Yes! My guess was correct! :smiley: I’m amazed, considering that I haven’t watched Hercules in years. Note to self: rewatch Hercules. Anyway, this sounds like a great idea! Can’t wait to see it!

Oh wow, I just listened to the song this was a parody of for the first time, and the story of Wall-E AND the lyrics of the original song switched out for the lyrics for this parody match up pretty well! And I just listened to it just now! I have to watch Hercules some time. Never saw it in my life, surprisingly. :blush: ;-p