The Brave Little Toaster series

Who loves these movies? I think they’re awesome. Love all three of them, even the seemingly hated Mars one. Love the music and the characters too.

I honestly have never seen these movie, even as a kid. I wanted to though. I thought it looked cool and the characters looked uniquely awesome.

And I have never seen them, either…but maybe I will stream or rent someday.

I personally have seen all three of these films. They were very enjoyable but tbh, would never have found out about them if it wasn’t for The Pixar Story. Anyways, they are good films and I would recommend them.

I’ve never seen the sequels, but I enjoy the first movie! It’s got a certain campy-yet-surprisingly-dark-and-heartfelt tone to it that seems to uniquely exist in the 80s for animation, it’s hard to describe. :slight_smile: I love the characters.

Was anyone else upset as a kid by the scene where the rose wilts because he wasn’t paying attention to it, though?? That always stands out in my mind for some reason… :frowning:

I don’t remember that scene. Then again I haven’t the film in a couple years. I remember the main plot and some of the scenes like the imaginary scene between Blanky and their master and the scene where they taken to the junkman’s (who’s voiced by Joe Ranft) place. The one scene I clearly remember though is that clown scene. That scene used to scare the crap outta me…

Why is it that I’m only seeing its sequels on Netflix but not the original? Give me a break!

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My daughter loves it and fr me is normal