The Dark Knight Rises

I was surprised for the lack of a board about this movie.

Well, today two roles have been finally confirmed. So let’s begin the thread with that news:

Well, I love Anne Hathaway. But I got anything but enjoyment from TDK, so I will not be seeing this. Sorry.

Haven’t seen TDK yet, but Catwoman played by Anne Hathaway… :smiley:

I’m a DC comics fangirl, and this is just too great for me.

Rac: When you do see the original, tell me what you think.

^ Actually, the “original” wouldn’t be The Dark Knight but Batman Begins.

The last thing I heard about this one was that The Riddler would be in it. That made me curious at the time because the two version of the character I knew growing up were the animated Batman: The Animated Series version and Batman Forever’s Jim Carrey in green pajamas. Hasn’t Catwoman been used a lot already?

No, the Riddler won’t be in it. And maybe Catwoman won’t, either. All that is known is that Hathaway will play Selina, but she may not get her other identity in the movie.

And, well, she’s been used in the Tim Burton film, but so was the Joker, and they used it again on TDK. About Bane’s previous use, I won’t talk. :angry:

I’m super excited for the casting of Bane (character and actor). Anne Hathaway is good in everything she does, and this shouldn’t be an exception, and I love everything Christopher Nolan does, anyway. Looking forward to this! The question is, could this be better than The Dark Knight? I think it could be, but it would have to be pretty impressive to beat out Inception.

Okay, okay, you win. :stuck_out_tongue: I failed right there.

I actually got a little excited when I heard Anne Hathaway was going to play Catwoman. I couldn’t imagine it at first, but now, I’m thinking that it could be possible.

I posted this in another Batman thread, but I decided I might as well post it here:

First image of Selina Kyle:

The poster looks like a unicorn.

Dude, the picture looks so cool. I seriously can’t wait for this movie.

I’m sure all of you have seen the teaser trailer, but in case you haven’t
[url]- YouTube

Oh, I’ve seen it. I wish there could’ve been more, but it’s enough for me to look forward to it.

Here is the Dark Knight Rises Trailer: … eature=pyv

Random infomal poll:

Given this is the end of the trilogy before a reboot- [spoil]yay or nay on Batman dying?[/spoil]

Nay on [spoil]Batman dying. He better not![/spoil]

I may see this film. I do like Batman.

Am I the only one here who has never seen the first two movies? Or any of the Batman movies?