The DVD Easter Eggs

I just want to say that the Incredibles second disc has the first DVD Easter Eggs I ever found, and perhaps my favorite DVD Easter Eggs of all time. I was sitting in front of the TV late at night going through the bonus features. I didn’t press anything for a while and I noticed the Omnidroid icon at the top of one of the menus. If I recall correctly, it was the main menu, which would make the Easter Egg the “Buttons and Doors” montage. After that, I looked for more Easter Eggs all over the disc, and thankfully there is an Easter Egg on almost every menu. My favorite is the Sock Puppet version of the movie, found on the Set Up menu.

Which copy? The classic DVD or the combo pack? Just curious.

And if we’re going to discuss this sort of thing for the other films, then maybe this thread should be moved. (Or are there already other threads like this for the other titles and I just didn’t see them?)

By the way, I wouldn’t find those things as easily on a TV as I would on a computer… (Regarding the so-called hidden bonus features found in the menus, that is.)


The classic DVD.

I don’t recall there being other discussions like this for the other movies, so it might be best to move this to the general Pixar Feature Films forum (or is there already an Easter Eggs discussion over there?)