The Fox and the Hound (1981 Disney Movie)

Well, it’s long overdue methinks, I’ve decided to make a thread for what I feel is easily Disney’s most under rated film, if not the most under rated film ever.

The Fox and the Hound is not only my favourite Disney film, it’s my favourite film of all time without question. It had such a powerful, strong message regarding prejudice and was a friendship story that didn’t ram its morale down your throat and for the most part didn’t need to address it with dialogue, and it showed the darkside (not that there is a good side) that hunters have on wildlife and the environment in which they live.

It’s also one of the only Disney movies that doesn’t have a traditional happy ending to the best of my knowledge, as the prejiduce/seperation that pulls Tod and Copper apart does ultimatley stop each them from seeing each other, even if they do set their differences aside in the end.

I had only one problem with the film and it was minor. I do wish that Tod and Vixie had spent a bit more time with each other interacting in the film. I don’t feel their relathionship was under developed, it came off more as two people who had a crush on each other trying it out than anything which was a good starting point, I just wanted to see more of it and see it develop further, which is I want one day to see a TRUE sequel to this film, but I digress.

So, who else loves this film? ^^ Or if you didn’t love/like it, what did you think of it and why?

Fox and the Hound is amazing!

It’s my favorite movie Disney made between it’s “awkward” period between Walt’s Death and the rebirth of the studio during the Animation renaissance of the 90s.

It may not be my favorite Disney film (out of 49 films, it’s hard to choose!) but it still has a charm to it that I adore.

The characters and lovely backgrounds are my favorite part of the movie. Go Big Mama!

It’s funny you mention the sequel. I don’t enjoy it for story reasons, I enjoy it on these two things

  1. Reba’s beautiful voice
  2. The sayings exchanged between Cash and Dixie ( You’re as ____ as a ____ in ____)

I absolutely adore Big Mama, and the other two birds (Dinky and Boomer) were cute enough, but not the best comic relief Disney has ever had.

I barely remember this movie, but I loved it when I was little.

You need to rewatch it, I’m pretty sure it’s on youtube.

I second this ^^

But be prepared to try because this movie can be a real tearjerker.

It remains one of the most heartbreaking Disney films IMO. It’s really well-done and I don’t understand why it tends to get left out when people list WDAS movies…

I thought of this movie when Mickey Rooney recently passed away.