The Good Dinosaur (2015)

This tweet from Stitch Kingdom says it:

Could this be Pete’s new film?

Ooh, interesting!! More information couldn’t hurt, though. :slight_smile:

A thrilling article about it.

Not really much to talk about yet, obviously. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahaha I love that guy who said “hopefully its an incredibles sequel”. Good idea and bad grammar? That’s awesome. 8D

Hopefully its the western film that Bud Luckey will direct simular to his short Boundin’.

I doubt that film will exist.

Your probably right about that. Anyway, my bet is on the Pete Docter project. I herd it had to do with dinosaurs or aomething like that. It wouldn’t supprise me if Pixar pushes the release date back to Summer 2014.

^The dinosaur thing sprung from an image in the background of a Pixar (animator? sketch artist?) employee picture during a review session or something. Turns out it was actually for a dinosaur documentary. (For Discovery Channel I think?)

I wonder if it will be pushed back like the Monsters University release date. I would definitely not mind 2 films in 1 year, but Pixar seems to like the film-per-year thing.

A dinosaur Pixar movie would not be good. Dinosaurs have been done to death, and Disney’s own animated film “Dinosaur” was a terrible waste of time.

However, it would be interesting to see what they would do with Dinoco in a dinosaur Pixar film…

Anyway, I will say what I hope this movie DOESN’T do. I hope it doesn’t deal with humans, except as background characters. I prefer Pixar films without humans in the forefront. Disney makes humans intriguing, but I need Pixar for toys, cars, rats, monsters…not humans.

I’m sure it won’t deal with humans, though. Two non-sequels in a row that deal with humans from Pixar is enough. Three would be overkill.

Yeah, dinosaurs are overdone. Dragons, on the other hand…now that would be cool.

The release date is awfully close to Monster’s Inc. It’ll probably be moved back, but it kind of worries me that they’re making two films so close together.

I am expecting great things from this movie. If Pixar follows a pattern for their film releases, this movie will be as wild and amazing as Toy Story and Cars.

I think it will deal with something people think is totally insane, more insane than usual. If Toy Story had not been created yet and Pixar were to announce a movie about toys that movie around and talk and actually think for themselves to be released in 2014, people would really wonder what Pixar was thinking.

Okay, to my point. The reason I think this film will be as dear to me as Toy Story and Cars is that between Toy Story and Cars, there were four original films which do not hold as much appeal to me as those two. If you take Toy Story and Cars out of the Pixar equation, I wouldn’t even be here. Ratouille is the only film that I might have seen of Pixar’s if the other two films I named hadn’t existed, and that’s only because I had rats as pets growing up.)

Anyway, four films between Toy Story and Cars, one of which got so much attention that it is probably the most watched film of the 2000’s decade: Finding Nemo.

Between Cars and this unnamed flick, there will have been four original films, and Wall-E has garnered about as much attention as Finding Nemo. “Up” I would say is the “Incredibles” of this batch, Ratouille is the “A Bug’s Life,” (although I actually like Ratatouille and don’t care for (A Bug’s Life.) I guess “Brave” would have to be the “Monsters, Inc.” if the pattern is to be held perfect.

(NOTE: I do not mean these films are like their predecessors in chronological order or in content. They are merely like their predecessors in terms of popularity.)

That said, whatever comes November 27, 2013 from Pixar MUST be on the level of Toy Story and Cars. I need a third Pixar franchise to become obsessed with. So Pixar, please bring it on.

I’m guessing it’s got to be the Next Pete Docter Film, and I hope and trust it will be something original (especially since the last time we got Pete Docter+Original Story it became my new favorite Pixar movie). Wasn’t there some talk about Lee Unkrich doing an original film, too (although I know this has to be way too soon for that). I’m just really hoping Pixar gets back to doing mostly original films.

Yeah, I’m betting on this being Pete’s next movie.

Sweet, I was wondering when we’d get an announcement on another original film. Can’t wait for uh, a title.

It worries me though that they’re planning to release two films in 2013. A two-film yearly cycle would be something Dreamworks would do, not Pixar… :neutral_face:

Re: Dinosaurs idea (even though it’s possibly about the Discovery Channel)

Technically everything has been done and for many overdone and heck dreamworks already has dragons anyway. I wouldn’t mind a more minor dragon plot point in say Brave but honestly I don’t think Pixar can improve much on the dragon movie compared to Dreamworks own version. Not to say they can’t try or shouldn’t morally speaking, I mean Dreamworks doesn’t have a copyright on dragons and were hardly the first movie with that idea. Not to mention Pixar were hardly the first people to come up with sentient toys, monsters under the bed/closet having their own world and superheroes for instance. Superheroes it seems especially go in cycles of popularity and demand throughout the latter parts of the 20th and early 21st century.

Things tend to go in and out of ‘fashion’ very quickly though (especially these days where access is easier than it was in the past) and for some things, they go in cycles of popularity until people get sick of them and then they fall to the way side again. Until eventually someone gets the idea to do their own spin however on this now slightly neglected area. If it’s a hit the whole thing repeats itself.

So Pixar could possibly pull off dinosaurs- I just hope as a biologist I wouldn’t tear my hair out at the things they take an artistic license on (popular culture does not get everything right)- granted it didn’t bug me THAT much in a Bug’s Life’s case (nor the fact a species of lizard which would not have hair or anything like hair in Rango- I mean they wore clothes and built towns for goodness sake) but still. Could they pull it off? Sure I think they’d have a shot.

Honestly I am thoroughly sick of vampires in media but I think Pixar could produce an interesting character of one. Dreamworks could though too actually- I mean it would be nice to see a vampire which was actually kind of a loser (intentionally speaking that is). Maybe kind of a failure at being a vampire and ending up being best friends with a human (something he’d technically eat). That could even end up as being pretty cute as well as dark in an animated film if done correctly. Done yeah but still it’s better than the whole:

“BWAAAAAA no-one understands me and my love for my sparkle toy. I so totally can make life affirming decisions like about being immortal because I’m so mature at 17/18- even though I act like a little pathetic brat with no redeeming qualities whatsoever! Excuse me while I enlicit purple prose for 2/3 of my first book about how handsome my boyfriend is even though he is a creppy stalker which would have some vague potential for a plot if it was actually acknowledged as being as messed up as it is.”

But then again hasn’t twilight bashing also been done to death now?

But in any case, I think BOTH Pixar and Dreamworks could actually do something interesting with vampires if they wanted to in their own way. Which is saying a lot really.

apparently Tom Hanks Let It Slip That TOY STORY 4 Is Happening

so, not too many new original projects are happening

As much I love the whole series, I don’t want a fourth film. The third film ended perfectly.

But unfortunately if Pixar does make a film about dragons one day people will probably say it’s a rip off of how to train your dragon.

Yeah, I think because How To Train Your Dragon is so recent and also popular at the minute, a film about dragon’s too soon would seem a bit uncanny. :slight_smile:

It was just confirmed that it’s about dinosaurs…as has been speculated for a really long time.

EDIT: More specifically, it’s about an alternate reality where the dinosaurs weren’t killed by an asteroid and continued to evolve. And it’s directed by Bob Peterson. Yay!