The Great Suggestions Thread

How about, instead of a karma feature that can be perhaps misused and a bit controversial, something more like liking certain posts? Like giving a thumbs-up to a post that you think makes a good point or is interesting?

Also, is there a way of avoiding that thing that happens when, for some reason, all of the threads that have new posts become unmarked? It happens so often to me and I don’t know how to prevent it, so it means that I end up having to look at the date of posts to figure out whether it’s been updated since I last visited. I’m not sure if this is a problem with my computer, but when I’ve been on other similar forums it hasn’t happened.

There are so many cool suggestions right now, I can’t wait to see some of these in action! :smiley:

Forum I visit limits a person to giving karma once per hour so to minimize that sort of thing.

The once per hour sounds about right. If we get a karma system, we should do that.

rachelcakes1985- Thanks :slight_smile: . But that’s not what I was talking about. I meant on other peoples profiles, so we could see when they were last logged-in :wink: .

I see what yer getting at. My Beatlelinks forum has something like that where if you click on another member’s profile it’ll give you the date that they were last there, as well as the last post they made.

I’d still like to see some way of marking what threads I’ve posted in. Especially in the case of older threads that I havent seen in awhile, it would save me having to page through just to see if I replied yet.

Actually, that’s already there, look up next to your avatar at the top of the page, it says

view posts made since your last visit
view your posts
view unanswered posts (this shows topics with no replies)

Already covered!

I don’t know if this is even possible, but it’d be really cool to have a mobile format for this place, so I can check it on my cell whenever I want to. I have before, but all the pictures and links tagged on the left side of every post makes it annoying. I totally understand if this is out of reach, but it’d be really great nonetheless.

Another interesting idea would be User blogs and adding people as friends. I see that on some other forums and it seems to work well, as long as it can be handled correctly.

I know, but, for example, for an older thread, I would have to page through my posts to see if I did reply to it. Whereas if there were some kind of marker, all I’d have to do is look at it and see that I already replied.

I’d love to see some sort of usergroup for people who just like all the pixar films. xD I mean, then people like me could just join that and one or two of their favorite movie’s groups and not feel weird. xD

I think there should be some kind of feature that allows a user to edit (or change) their username, but only so many times. Say for instance you misspell something in your username and are not happy with it, you should be able to change that. But like I said, have the feature only useable so many times so that user can’t change it to their heart’s content (confusing other members).

Just something I thought of. :slight_smile:

little chef

I like that, I kinda wanted to switch to my other name lvl27_cubone for a while, but everyone seems comfy with my current name. Great idea though.

I have the same idea that ffdude1906 had. PP should have some kind of mobile format 'coz most of us are on the go and the only medium we could get through each other most of every time is Twitter.

EDIT: or maybe an application for iPhone or iPod Touch maybe?

I’ve had this idea in my head for the longest time, but whenever I come on, I could never remember what it was.

A previewer for the signatures.
Because you could do the code for it but you wouldn’t know what it looked like unless you went to a board that you’ve posted on.


  • iPhone/iPod Touch theme: there is a phpBB skin optimized for the iPhn/iPodTch interface, and by my first glance is (relatively) easily customizable. It would be easier if you could go and it automatically changes to this theme (and when you go Pixar Planet Forums it changes back to the regulars). For non-Apple device users, such as Nokia and Samsung or whatever, there is a phpBB plugin called MOphpBB, and is an easier solution because it is compatible with ALL mobile devices, not just Apple devices.

  • Up theme: I am happy to help (I hope my months of my signature design should be an acceptable portfolio :slight_smile:). All that’s needed is the main header image, board icons & the footer icons. I am also happy to design some Pixar-related emotions.

EDIT: Here’s a mock-up for the Up theme:

Looks great Phileas, but Muntz is a bit big. I’d like a different pic of Carl too, but that one does work well. Just a preference. I’d love to see some emoticons too, from every film. That’d be neat!

How 'bout now, ffdude?

  • Fixed the P-balloon thingy in “Pixar” so it’s more like the P in Up.
  • Fixed Muntz.
  • Shuffled around the characters.
  • New image of Carl.

Looks mighty swell, Phileas! I’d advise adding some shadow below the title to make it stand out more from the clouds. But otherwise, it looks great! Like how Carl is smiling in the updated pic. Maybe you can use what I call his “magnificent triumphant pose” from ffdude’s sig? It’s from the Australian official site, under the Graphics Maker. I’d also prefer a more happy looking Dug than his [spoil]‘Cone of Shame’[/spoil] pose. But other than that, it has your usual professional touch.

BTW, where’d you get the pic of Muntz? It’s more difficult to find pics of him…

Speaking of Muntz, I noticed another thing; some of his hair is cut off, I think.

Yeah, I like it a bit more. I don’t think you should use the heroic pose actually, but don’t just take my opinion into account, there are other people on this forum too, we wanna make them all happy. :wink: I agree with the shadow thing though, it’s a bit hard to read. I like that you’re trying to incorporate the logo, nice touch! And Dug should be a bit happier as well. :slight_smile:

I like it Phileas. Maybe if you show it to bawpcwpn, we might be able to put up another layout for PP.