The Improbable

From The Journal of Violet Robert Parr

Decided I’d do one of these journal things from now on. I am hitting 17 years old after all; a little too old for diaries, IMO. You would think I would have upgraded to the digital age by starting an online blog, but what I’m about to disclose is, as the adults say, ‘top-secret’ and ‘classified’; wouldn’t want to risk the chance of being hacked.

So why am I disclosing such secretive information anyway? In a private journal nonetheless. Well, I guess… I just need to set the record straight. For myself.

Recently, there’s been news of a series of armed robbery perpetrated by someone the media named as “The Behemoth.” Several eyewitness accounts claimed that he’s a man dressed up as a bat. Others claimed that he’s a magician all dressed in white with a cape and a top-hat. Then there’s the more ridiculous account that he has spikes all over his body and a set of dragon wings. The accomplices that assisted in holding civilians hostage usually followed a dress-code consistent with whatever appearances The Behemoth chose to appear in, be it bat-thugs, wizard-thugs, or dragon-thugs. Typical henchmen; no sense of fashion whatsoever.

What’s most intriguing is that the money robbed from the banks were usually returned over the course of two to three weeks after each incident. Considering the relatively small amount that’s stolen and then returned, this series of crime spree just wasn’t worth the time of us superheroes who were recently allowed into existence again, but it’s enough to catch the police’s attention. Adding on to the fact that the robberies were spectacularly well-planned, it doesn’t make sense for this… Behemoth guy to only want people to pay attention to him - catching the attention of the ‘Supers’ would have been more effective anyway.

Well, believe it or not, I’ve met The Behemoth, personally. And I can’t believe I’m saying this, but he’s not a criminal at all. He’s an ally, a friend. And maybe more than that to me… I don’t know.

What I do know is that the Behemoth is not the scoundrel he made himself appear to be. He did not harm me, nor did he wish at anytime to do so. And again, unlikely as it might seem, he’s actually doing good for the world, and I’ll not standby and watch as the papers tear his name down like some kind of fiend.

The grey area is not so easily captured in pulp. The paper is usually just there to feed the public comfortable white lies. Where the truth lies must be determined by the individual. Unfortunately, the individuals in this case are hungry and blinded.

But as the proverbial saying goes, I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s start from the beginning.

It all began on an ordinary day, the kind of day that people easily overlook because it’s mundane and normal, even when we live in a world of superheroes…

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The Improbable