The Incredibles 2 Story Ideas/Predictions

Feel free to post any and all ideas your have about the upcoming story for the Incredibles sequel. I know its not going to be released for a while, and its still in development. But with this movie being the Pixar sequel that everyone wanted, its hard not to get excited and to start brainstorming. So any ideas about plot, conflict, themes, feel free to express them here.

Well, first off, either they’ll have to replace a couple cast members (namely Dash and Violet’s voices) or they’ll have to make the movie be 5+ years in the future. Craig T. Nelson and Holly Hunter will probably also sound older too, so they might have to account for that as well.

If it were to take place much later on (and thus the comics would serve as the bridge between the two movies), it could focus on Violet and Dash more as they deal with being young adult superheroes–and all the other stuff that comes with being a young adult. Then maybe an ex of Violet’s or Dash’s could come back to be a supervillain–that could make for quite an interesting storyline. And then they’d have to get their parents to come out of retirement (seriously, they’re gonna be nearly in their 50’s if this movie goes this far into the future) and help them out.

Also, we’d get to see Jack Jack and his full powers come to light of course. That should be cool. :slight_smile:

why would they recast Violet? Sarah Vowell was already an adult when she recorded Violet’s lines.

Oh… my bad. Well after looking up Spencer Fox’s age they’ll definitely have to recast Dash though… unless the dude didn’t go through any voice changes at all…

That’s true IncredigirlVirginia. But keep in mind that a person’s voice changes through puberty. So it’s safe to assume that Vi might go through a voice change If she does turn into an adult. Hence, a potential cast change.

That could happen. I think it would be a little bit of a waste, imo. A lot of people, Brad Bird included, liked her a lot as Violet. And if they didn’t recast her, maybe we could assume her voice changed before the first movie.

I believe Brad bird will want to focus on family elements that brings cohesiveness to the story and the family. For instance, he made their powers reflect on their social status in life. In the first movie, Bob as Mr. incredible was a strong hero, but he found that he was even stronger with his family.

With that being the case, if Brad Bird wants to achieve success for the sequel, he should stick to the same formula and find a family element.

Well, sometimes when so much time has passed between the first movie and the upcoming sequel, the time-lapse kind of method just has to be used. I mean, think about this: They’d probably do that to The Incredibles 2 the same way they did with Toy Story 3. Isn’t that right, you guys?

That’s exactly what Bird is likely going to do with the sequel, since the Family Dynamic is the main primary theme for the sequel (the only question is who’s going to have it focus on more? Very unlikely it’ll focus on the kids growing up (as it’s way too expected especially with the Jack-Jack rumors out there) as that could phase the parents out (something I don’t think Bird is willing to do again), and Bird has mentioned that we all wanted to see the Parrs back on the big screen, so it’s obvious the family isn’t splitting up or having 1 of the kids moving out).

I can see it picking up right where the 1st film ends (since that was an epilogue of what happens 3 months later, most films tends to pick up right where cliffhangers ends), then pulls a 1 year timeskip, seeing as Pixar in general tends to stick with character designs from previous films, a 5-10-15 year time skip would be far too confusing for new viewers as it would change the family looks far too much for them to be unrecognizable.