The Incredibles Fan Commentary

Rachel - As I’ve said before, I’ll try to make the times given - it’s just that my recording locations arn’t the quietest of places. Those times given by me were times that have potential to be able to record in a quiet location, but that said, I’ll try to make tomorrows, but no guarantees.

I do apologize for the lack of communication, and I hope you understand.

Yes, that would be fine.

Cool, totoro. You’re probably asleep now, but just log onto Skype when you’re ready to start the practice.

Phileas, I hope you can make it today. You haven’t accepted my contact request on Skype, so you have to do that before I can talk to you, I think. And that’s ok. I misunderstood about you making it to those times. What we usually do is let each other know if we can make it to a time, otherwise we assume you won’t be able to attend. But no worries.

To both: What we do, to make sure the viewer can start at the same time as us and so we sync up correctly, is start commentating at this frame of every Pixar short film and feature.

So we pause at the frame and then do a countdown then when whoever is saying the countdown says ‘play’ you click play, then we start commentating.

I’m going to watch Geri’s Game on YouTube (link), but if you want to watch a higher quality version, you can get a copy from qxgnxamy (Peter) over Skype. It would also be a good idea to add Peter to your Skype contacts, because he is the co-organiser of the commentaries and just in case he needs to take over from me for any reason, he has you on his list, and vice versa.

qxgnxamy & rachelcakes1985:

Thanks for recording the commentary with me, it was fun!
Looking forward to The Incredibles. :smiley:

Well, I’m sorry I couldn’t make the commentary today. As much as I could, finding a quiet spot to record isn’t easy. I do feel quite bad about missing out, and all the inconvenience caused…

Rachel - nothing has come up on my Skype account. PM me your handle and I’ll put it in manually.

Danke schoen, totoro. =) It was nice to commentate with you, also. =) You did great and had a lot of interesting facts to say. You sure know a lot about computer graphics.

No worries, Phileas. Perhaps during the next two weeks you can send me a message over Skype to me when it is quiet for you to do the recording. Usually when I am on the computer, I’m free to commentate - most of the time. You can even choose a different short film if Geri’s Game isn’t your cup of tea, but I’d recommend you let me know in advance so qxgnxamy can create an NTSC copy for us.

Here is the recording of our Geri’s Game practice commentary.

totoro - You’re welcome. =) I’m glad you had a lot to say about Geri’s Game.

Calling all supers! The next fan commentary is going to be… The Incredibles! :mrgreen:

So anyone who has:

  1. Participated in a practice,
  2. Posted your rankings of all the Pixar films in this thread AND
  3. An interest in commenting on The Incredibles

Please read carefully below…

The session(s) will be done in early to mid May, so send me your schedule for that time within the next 10 days. Even if you sent me your schedule for Ratatouille, send it to me again (even if it’s exactly the same). If you don’t usually know your schedules until a very short time in advance, let me know and we can work something out. When in doubt, communicate with me so I don’t assume you are simply not interested in participating - you might end up missing out altogether because I haven’t heard from you. And remember to give me any updates to your schedule as soon as you find out any changes. Thanks.

Any questions? Post below, PM me, or contact me over Skype.


I sent you my schedule rachel. I hope you can work something out with it.

qxgnxamy - Thanks for the quick schedule! =D

The Star Swordsman - “We can work it out, we can work it ou-out”. :smiley: Thanks!

Have fun guys. I think I’ll pass this up seeing I did the last two and to give others a chance (Incredibles is ranked in the middle of my preferences, after all). So yeah, maybe if there’s a second round later in the year, or if there’s one more room and no one takes it and I’m free, then I’ll participate. :slight_smile:
There’s only so many times people can enjoy listening to toad-voice. :smiley:

I’d love to participate, but until the summer holidays at the end of June, I’m going to have to miss out on the fan commentaries due to exams. But good luck to everyone who takes part in this one, I look forward to listening to it at some point! :smiley:

Thanks for letting me know, lizardgirl and thedriveintheatre. That’s understandable, and I’m sure The Incredibles will come around again sooner or later anyway. :slight_smile:

If so rachel, do I get another chance to commentate again? :wink:

Isn’t once enough, The Star Swordsman? :stuck_out_tongue: You could, but I think members who haven’t commentated on it would get preference over those who have, but I don’t know. I haven’t exactly worked out the rules for commentating on the same film twice and how that would work.

Also, Phileas, if you want to commentate on The Incredibles, you must have completed a practice by the end of 30th April, because on the 1st (Australian time), I’ll start putting together and working out the group(s) and possible commentary times.

The following people are going to be commentating on The Incredibles in May!

The Star Swordsman

What a great group! If there are any changes to your schedules make sure to let me know. Otherwise I’ll be posting here soon the possible times for us to do the feature. :smiley:

Sounds great rachel. Let me know the available dates ASAP, so I can plan ahead of time.

These are all fine with me.

Wow, that was a fast response. Thanks, my neighbour, totoro. I better get to watching The Incredibles tonight then, just in case we do commentate on it tomorrow…

EDIT: I just remembered about the Internet problems we’ve been having… Basically a worm has been going around and infecting certain brands of modems, with the modem we’ve got being vulnerable. When I did the hosting, my call with The Star Swordsman got cut off every 10 - 15 mins or so, and that was very distracting. Sometimes it can be more frequent than that, too. Maybe it would be better to wait until next weekend or the weekend after to do The Incredibles. We should be getting a new modem in the mail sometime next week. Hopefully that one won’t be able to be infected. Sorry for any inconvenience, guys. D=

Any of those times are fine for me. Also, it should be 10pm in Los Angeles, not 11pm.