The Incredibles Fan Commentary

In May we are going to be commentating on The Incredibles. To those people who are interested in commentating on The Incredibles who have NOT yet participated in a practice in the past, please indicate your interest here to comment on the film. I’ll then organise for you to be in a practice session sometime this month, ready to commentate when it comes around to May. You have 10 days to reply to this thread.


Rachel- 2 questions:

  1. Is experience required and/or an advantage for commentary?

  2. If you participate in a test run, are you still able to back out of the real run if you don’t feel comfortable in it? I know only a couple of hands go up for commentaries, so if one would suddenly drop out, would it be a problem?

I think I’m ready to finally dabble into the world of fan commentary, particularly because I have a shockingly huge amount of downtime these days, but, being inexperienced…

(I bet 5 [imaginary] bucks TSS will put his hand up :stuck_out_tongue: )

Well, all of us veteran fan commentary participants were beginners at one stage, and the only way to gain experience is to participate in practice commentaries and features. There is no requirement that you have a lot of experience to participate in a feature fan commentary, however it is compulsory for you to participate in at least one practice commentary before being in a feature, which is why I make shout outs in advance like this - to organise them for people like you. Don’t worry about not being experienced. They get easier with time, and they’re always a blast.

There’s no obligation for anyone to do a feature once you’ve done a practice, because I plan so far in advance just in case new possible participants need to do a practice, and the other commentary members won’t be left waiting (because while new participants are doing their practice, during those weeks the experienced commentators are off commenting on a prior planned feature, for that month). So if after you’ve participated in a practice, but don’t feel like you want to participate in a feature, that would be fine. At least if you change your mind and want to participate in a different feature in the future, you wouldn’t have to go through a practice because you’d already have done one. Unless you wanted to do another one, of which I can organise again.

There’s usually at least 5 people that express their interest for a feature, so there’s little chance of the feature being cancelled (due to low numbers) if you choose to back out. If you choose to back out of a practice, that’s fine too. Just let me know when the next call out for another movie goes out again, if you change your mind or your circumstances change.

Glad to see that you’re interested. It’s always great to have new members join us on the fan commentaries. We’re all really friendly.

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I’m in.
Which one of the shorts will be used for the practice?

Uh. . .sorry guys. I am not intrested. I am going to be busy all the month of may due to finals. Sorry, I wish I could participate, but I can’t.

. . .


April Fools!!!

Everyone who knows me I would never pass this opportunity up. Actually, the statement above is only half-true. I will be busy with Finals, but I can find time to do a TI commentary. I am in.

Phileas: Oh dude, you should’ve bet more. It is an easy win for you. :wink: If you are going to participate, I hope you get to be in my group.

And don’t worry about lacking experience. In fact, Rachel explained it all perfectly for you.

You really got me going there, The Star Swordsman. :stuck_out_tongue: But seriously, it wouldn’t be the same without you if you weren’t available to participate in a commentary for The Incredibles.

totoro - Cool - glad to have you on board! You can commentate on whichever short you like for the practice.

I am interested, but I can’t make any promises on my availability for it. It’ll be right in the middle of finals and finals, at an art school especially, are an insane time! I’ll see how things play out when the times comes.

Hannahmation - The practice commentary for new members who are interested in commentating on The Incredibles needs to be done this month, so you’d need to let me know within the next 9 days whether you want to be in the practice for it. You could always participate in the practice session this month, and then if you find out you will be too busy to participate in the The Incredibles feature commentary in May, you can back out of it. There won’t be any more practices for new members before The Incredibles, apart from the one happening this month. Once it gets to May, I then ask everyone who has done a practice and is interested in commenting on the movie for their schedules, hence no more time for another practice.

Well, just let me know what you want to do. :slight_smile:

See, it’s April that will be real busy for me so I guess I’ll have to opt out of The Incredibles commentary then. I assume there will be more commentaries so hopefully I can participate in another!

Ok, no worries, Hannahmation. With the rate things are going, and the interest in the commentaries so far, we do one feature fan commentary per month. So if you have free time in the future, keep an eye on the Fan Commentaries sub-section for what movies we’re going to do next, and give me a holla if you’re interested in participating in any of them.

In that case I’ll pick “Geri’s Game”.

Sure thing, totoro. Consider it done. :wink:

Well, it’s been 9 days, what now Rachel?

Has this worked out for me! I’m on holidays for the rest of April, so any time is, like, perfect!

Ok, Phileas and totoro, if you’re still interested in commentating on The Incredibles in May, please message me your schedules within the next 7 days so you can participate in a practice session sometime during the rest of this month. The short film you’ll be practising on will be Geri’s Game. Also download Skype and send me your Skype username so I can add you to my contacts. Thanks!

So yeah… just let me know soon, Phileas and totoro, which of those above times you would like to commentate on. What we usually do is pick the first suitable time, then if something comes up then we have other times in the future to fall back on. So just let me know as soon as you can when I post up times, thanks.

Whoops, didn’t see the times. I’m about to leave, so I can’t do today, sorry, and I’m not exactly sure about Friday, but Monday looks good - and I’ll try to be available to be 30 minutes earlier for that one.

I appreciate the work rachel :slight_smile:

Monday would be the 27th, not next Monday, according to the schedule you gave me, Phileas. But I could do it next Monday at that same time, if you are free, too.

I think Sunday 19th April at 2:30pm Berlin time is fine, the following timeslots suit both of you, so we can do a commentary with three people:

Sunday 19th/26th
7:30 am - 10:00 am Berlin Time

totoro, I hope this isn’t too short notice for you, but did you want to try to record at this time…?

Sunday 19th April
7:30am Berlin time
3:30pm Sydney time

(Phileas, you didn’t get back to me about those times so you could also commentate at the same time as totoro, but if you’re free at that time, you’re more than welcome to join in and we can kill two birds with one stone.)

Notice to all: These Geri’s Game practices are open to people who have already done a practice. If you’re available when we do these practices, feel free to join in. I think that these practices will turn out better if we have some more people participating.