The Incredibles Video Games Soundtracks

Guess what I found? I found the soundtracks to both Incredibles video games.

Here’s The Incredibles Video Game Soundtrack.

Here’s The Incredibles: Rise of the Underminer.


Dude, I have been looking everywhere for these. THank you for posting them up.

Thank you so very much for posting these links. I’ve been searching for them for ages. Whilst it may lack the emotional tug of Finding Nemo or WALL-E, The Incredibles score is among my favourite soundtracks not just as a Pixar movie but as a piece of music. It’s the best “John Barry / James Bond” style score not composed by John Barry!

No if I could just find the rumoured The Incredibles Complete “wrap party” score (38 tracks, 78 minutes running time) I would be a happy man

Is this a safe download?

Well, it is from megaupload, so it might give you a virus. BUt I downloaded already and it gave me no problems.

Good, I’ll download it soon. thanks for lettin me know its safe bro.

I’ll recommend that you do a scan for viruses after you downloaded it.

Yup, thats what ima gonna do! :nerd:

Does anyone know a reliable program to open a RAR file?

WinRar should do the job.

Got it to work! God, listening to these brings back SO many memories…

That is very good to hear DirtyBirdy.

Hi !
Please, could someone reupload these soundtracks ?
Thanks in advance.

Its really amazing finally you find out :smiley: