The Legend of Mor'du (Brave DVD Short)

OK, I don’t know why no one’s made a thread for this yet, but I figured we needed one! Anyways, this short is so stinkin’ awesome! It’s definitely different from all the others, but it’s a good kind of different. Delving into Mor’du’s backstory with narration by that wonderfully fun Witch (and her hillarious crow) is a wonderful idea on Pixar’s part. The animation and style of the story is really really epic and unusual, and at the same time suits it perfectly. And oh man… I won’t tell you what happened, but the ending is where we can see that Pixar wanted to have fun with it, too! :mrgreen: So… your thoughts? I hope I can get some folks who agree with me here!

Well, I thought the style of the film was very well-done. It’s kind of cool how it has almost a documentary-like feel to it, except it’s for a fairy tale. That’s what I really like about it. Also, the hand-drawn style is detailed but rather simplistic which I think helps in the case of the Pixar people because their strong suite is in story-telling, and it really helps to get a “legend” across. While I may prefer the other DVD shorts, I still really like it. It is a very good short and has a great quality to it and best of all, it’s different from the rest.

Ah! My bad for double-posting. I re-watched this short and suddenly realized how much awesome and much more sense it makes in the movie when you hear this story. The short AND the movie becomes that much cooler! It also made me realize that Pixar is quite clever when they try to use their 2D animation, especially in this one. :slight_smile:

There’s a Brave short? :open_mouth: Well, a perfect excuse to go get the DVD/Blu-Ray then. :slight_smile:

Oh, yeah! Even if it’s just the 1-Disc DVD. I don’t know why I sometimes warm to certain shorts quicker than others. :blush: It’s probably just that Partysaurus Rex rocked so hard, but I think this one is great! :smiley: I like the historical feel and it justifies the meaning of the legend of Mor’du in the movie.

I really like this short. I love that the story part looks like a different art style. Watercolor perhaps?