The London Railway Chase Short + Stronger Movie

:bulb: This is an Idea for Pixar to produce a upcoming 6-minute Short film called “The London Railway Chase” released theatrically with Pixar’s Feature film “Stronger” and with a music “Transformation” (Brother Bear) by The Bulgarian Women’s Choir

:bulb: this is an another idea for Pixar to produce a upcoming PG-13 rating 200-minute 3D CGI Computer animated war-themed feature film called “Stronger” is Set in ancient China during war populated by anthropomorphic talking Giant Pandas, It is Pixar’s First PG-13 rated movie, it is an Environment movie to Save Giant Pandas, it presented in Digital 3D and IMAX 3D, starring James McAvoy, Hugh Laurie and all of British Actors and Actress (go to … _actresses), instead of American Actors and Actress

It will be Thanks to “The World Wide Fund for Nature” (WWF) :smiley: :slight_smile:

How did you come up with this one? But nice idea i must say! :bulb: