The Most Realistic Mr Potato Head EVER

inspired by “gritty toy story”

:open_mouth: That’s pretty creepy, but kinda cool, in a way, actually. :smiley:

Did you make this picture sonikperson or did you find it somewhere on the web?

i made it within a matter of 15 minutes.

Whoa! When I first saw it, it scared me!

LOL I expected a custom toy, very cool!

:open_mouth: AHHHHH! Get it away!

Sorry, that’s just…WAY into the Uncanny Vally.

I have to agree with Rac_Rules on this one.

Very, very, very creepy.

It’s creepy, but I like it! Very clever idea, sonikperson.

Oh, and I’m moving this over to the graphics section of the boards as you made this yourself.

I’m LOL-ing!!! 8D

whoa, that freaked me out! :astonished:

wow. lol, that’s all I ca say.

Haha. So funny!

Where’s that thing about “gritty Toy Story”, sonikperson?

Oh…my god. I gotta say, its creeping me out somewhat. :wink:

I think the scariest part of this picture is his eyes.

yes i know how to make it