THe Narrator

Ch. 1
"Come here kid,"Syndrome yelled as Dominic ran. The day had not gone good for the teenage boy. He was being chased by the villians of his favorite Pixar movies.
"No!"Dominic said. Whatever Syndrome wanted him for was sure to be horrible.
The villian levitated himself and took Dominic’s arm in his hand.
"Gotcha!"He gloated, but Dominic stomped on his foot causing him to let go.
"Where are you!!!"Syndrome demanded. The evil man sighed and flew off.“You’ll be all mine soon enough. And when you are…we’ll become lifetime friends…son.” Dominic shuddered at the villians’ threats and how he called him son. Dominic was tired, and collapsed on the step and fell into a deep sleep.
"Well,"he heard a young man saying as he fell asleep. "Let’s just take you in."The person who took his hand laid him down on the bed.
"Good night,"he said as he left the room.
"Good night,"yawned Dominic as he fell asleep at last.

Ch. 2
Dominic woke up and yawned and scratched his head. A little girl who looked distinctly familiar grinned at him and jumped on his lap.
"Bonnie?"Dominic asked recognizing the child from Toy Story 3.
"Yes!"Bonnie said. “And you’re going to live with us!”
"Am I?"Dominic asked. Bonnie nodded enthusiatically.
"Mommy said you’re all mine,"she added.Dominic knew the girl and her mother meant that he would be spending a lot of time with Bonnie, but he disliked the phrase after hearing Syndrome say the same words to him.He didn’t let her know this though.
"Yup!"Bonnie replied."You’ll read me stories, and let me sit on your lap. You’ll play with me and my toys"she said holding up Woody.“We’ll watch Disney movies, you’ll take me to the park and the zoo with mommy of course since she has to drive us. Then every night you tuck me in and kiss me goodnight.”
"That sounds fine to me,"Dominic said gently lifting Bonnie off his lap.
"Good!"Bonnie said.
"Breakfast time dears!"Mrs. Anderson called.
Bonnie took Dominic’s hand, and led him to the kitchen.
She let his hand go as she sat next to him.
"Now Dominic ,"Mrs. Anderson said. "I don’t want you alone at any time,"Mrs. Anderson said firmly.“At the very least have Bonnie with you. She’d be able to run for help.”
"You’re talking about Syndrome aren’t you, ma’am?"Dominic asked.
"Mom dear,"she corrected.“I want to pretend you’re my son, but yes. That is why. We all want him to think you’re a normal boy.”
"Aren’t I?"Dominic asked.
"I very much doubt it,"Andy said as he walked in. "Hi Dominic."Dominic shook his hand polietly."I’m glad you’re adjusting well. Now I’m going to drive you two to Sunnyside. You’re working there now"he explained to Dominic.
"Ok!"Dominic said. He didn’t want to fight with characters from one of his favorite movies. He wondered to himself if he’d run into any other Pixar characters. Only time would tell.

Ch. 3
Bonnie grinned as she took Dominic by the hand and led him into The Butterfly Room. Dominic recognized several of the other children. Boo from Monsters Inc.,the Triplets from Brave,Jack-Jack form the Incredibles,and Russel from Up. (Russel wants to remind me that he was there to help Dominic, and not there because he couldn’t take care of himself after nearly being killed by an isane explorer. Thank you Russel,but we must have no interruptions.)
"Good afternoon my name is Russel,"Dominic said.
"Is there a new Child Care badge?"Dominic asked the little boy. (Sorry big boy)
"How did you guess?"he asked excitedly.
"Because I know you,"Dominic said with a michevious smile.
"Oh,"Russel replied."Are you in need of any assitance with the baby?"he asked holding up Jack-Jack.
He meant well, but Jack-Jack screamed as soon as he was held.
"No need for that!"Dominic said trying not to hurt his feelings.
"Why don’t you read the other children a story?"he added.
"Ok!"Russel said pulling out a Dr. Suess book.
"Oh no. Now what will I do?"Dominic wondered. “I could always sing the old moon lullaby. That always works…”
Cold moon. Lonely as can be. Sailing where the starlight fades to blue. Don’t you sometimes feel like me? Wish the friends you dream about were true, and they’d sail away with you. (Woody and the other toys peeked out of Bonnie’s bag and sang along with Dominic)
[Dominic and toys]
Sail away with you. (Russel stopped hearing more voices than Dominic’s, but the toys ducked down in time)
Some day you may tumble down.Sad because your light is nearly through. Moon stay. I will search around. Climb until your light is bright as new. And then I’ll sail away with you.
Sail away with you. Sail away with you. Sail away with you. Sail away with you. Saily (The other children fell asleep as Dominic kept singing]Sail away with you. Sail away with you. Sail away with you. Sail away with you.
"What a nice song!"Jessie whispered. “Uh-oh”
"Don’t worry. You’re all movie characters where I come from…wherever that was."Dominic said. “That’s odd. I remembered a moment ago.”
"Oh!"Buzz said. “Don’t worry it happens to Narrators when they find new worlds. After all it happened to Jaz!”
"Narrator? Jaz? New world?"Dominic asked.
"Nice going Buzz!"Mr. Potato Head said sarcastically.
"What is a Narrator?"Dominic demanded.