The Perry: A Cry and the Fury

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While these segments are intertwined with my story, the “Musings of Terry Perry” on (also posted on Pixarforum to zero reviewers and feedback), this board is for a separate segments of stories that could stand on its own.[/i]

Coral Perry
1130 Conjunction Avenue
Roarington, XX


Dear Mom,

It’s odd that I’m writing a letter when you’re a phone call away. But I’m more inclined to think up what I say when I write. Aside from that, my friends have been on the phone with friends who just left the University. Also, Mom, you said last phone call that you wish you could treasure every word through the phone. Well, now I made words for you to treasure and hang on the fridge. I know it’s redundant to state good and bad news so I’ll keep it fresh. If you get bored by what I have to say, there’s always the option to burn them and never speak of it.

Sorry again that we have to prolong our stay at the household for a while. But we want to spend time with friends. Also, we’re planning out our first Rush Week party and a wedding too! Our President Don will be married to the hostess of the household. The wedding is two months away! So at the end of July, we will return to the Oozma house for a few days to be the best men.

Again, we’re sorry you were too busy to see us at the Scare Games! Despite that major setback we’ve mentioned, you’ve known already that we were invited back to the Scare Program. But what I’m articulating here is more than what I’ve told you over the phone. Such joy cannot be contained. I still remember being called into office of Dean Hardscrabble. She smiled, yes, she smiled. That’s better than the Scare Games! We celebrated with cake. The house was cheery.

I’ll admit there are some, as Don would call it, downsizing to the opportunity. It would mean putting off those Creative Writing classes for next year, but at least I have room for Short Story Memoir class for a minor in Creative Writing. Though Terri would have to devote himself less to dancing. Yes, I complained of that extraneous exercise, but I’m beginning to miss the jazz classes. At least, we have Dance Club and Terri wants to try Zumba out at the rec.

We’re quite sorry that the recent Scaring induction adds an extra semester at MU (at least the plan is that we Oozmas can graduate together). We will help out with the tuitions costs the best we can. The Campus Roar newspapers are opening positions and Terri is pushing me to apply. Oh, and there’s that literary magazine that accepts submissions. Maybe I’ll submit some poetry or stories to earn some cash. If I get anything published, I’ll send it to you.

Enclosed are our photos of the Scare Games. Don’t be alarm at the photos of us in the aftermath of the Toxicity Challenge. We got better. Give our love to Dad, the girls, and Aunt Cora.

See you at home!

Your son,

P.S. Since I wrote to you, it’s fair that we write to our sisters.

Marlin Perry
1130 Conjunction Avenue
Roarington, XX


Hey Dad,

We’re in the Scare Program! You know that already but WOOOO! All your teachings really paid off. You taught us well, Dad! And tell Uncle Merlin that too! On second thought, don’t tell Uncle Merlin, let us do the explaining to him as we sneak up on him.

We wish we can come home earlier, but we’ve got to help our friends plan out stuff. President Don is going to marry Mrs. Squibbles, you know, the nice owner of the Oozma Kappa house. We’re also going to be at a wedding to be the best men the groom has ever had! And not to mention our plans to have our Rush Week first party next semester. Our first party that’s not a birthday or holiday related! WOO!

Will you get tickets to the Ray and Jill magic show? I’ve heard there’re touring back in Roarington! Anna & Anne should see it! We should totally take them there! Maybe Else can join us if her schedule permits. And let’s take Mom too. After all, the first time we saw Ray and Jill, it was the whole “don’t tell your mom” deal, so now she should join us.

I saved you some awesome photos of us in the Scare Games. Mom has some of it. You should take a look at what we’ve given her!

Your boys,
Terri & Terry.

Anna & Anne Perry
1130 Conjunction Avenue
Roarington, XX


Dear Anna & Anne,

We’ll be home as soon as we can come home. But a fraternity brother is getting married and he needs our dance teachings. You know our President Don. He’s marrying the owner of the Oozma house, Sheri Squibbles! The news of their engagement was surprisingly short notice and their wedding is only in two months! Since we know you love romantic gushy stuff, we’ll give you some of the details that we couldn’t say aloud while on the phone. I never told Don this, but we always liked to watch them leave the house and walk together, wondering what they talk about. It was just about time they admitted their feelings to each other. We don’t know when the proposal took place but I remember catching them on the porch together. Ms. Squibbles was clutching Don and he seemed all tear-stricken, like he was in need of comfort. About a week after that cute little scene, they announced their engagement.

I know you love hearing updates on the guys. Squishy is dealing with the fact that Don is marrying his mother. Can’t blame him. It’s weird having a fraternity brother marry your mother. Our roommate Art is excited and ready to preside over the wedding (yeah, we didn’t know he was officiated to marry off couples. In fact, his certification had been hanging in our room the whole time). There’s also Ms. Squibbles’s old friend, the drama professor Dr. Foster, as her maid of honor and she’s, in “theater terminology,” blocking/staging the event as the maid of honor. As for two more recent friends, Sulley and Mike, there’re working as mail-sorters at Monsters Inc. and planning a visit for tomorrow. Sometimes Squishy would send stuff to Monsters Inc. so Sulley and Mike can get their own letters and packaging while they’re hard at work sorting mail.

It’s nice to have frat brothers. They make up for the sisters that outnumber us. Hahaha.

As you are old enough to worry about your college future, we’ll recommend that you join a sorority as that would get your a new family in college to keep you company when you’re away from your home family. But if you join a sorority in college, promise me that you won’t join those sorority sisters who look for common qualities in appearance. We don’t want you corrupted.

And soon, you’ll have me and Dad (and maybe Else if she comes visit, or by a longshot, Elsa) to double-dutch with. We’re tired of double-dutching with ourselves. Hahahaha.

Although we’re staying a bit longer away from home, we can still catch your ballet recital. Can’t wait to show you our new dance moves in return.

Enclosed are some photos of us and our frat brothers. I know you never met them, but since you ask the most about them, sometimes I feel like they’re family to you.

There is a photo of us dancing with Don. Yup, that’s one of our private dancing sessions with him for his upcoming wedding. Yeah, Art apparently thought it was a good idea to take snapshots of us dancing with him. So yeah, forgive us for looking so surprised in few of the shots as we didn’t know Art stuffed himself in the chimney and fireplace until it was too late. We saved you the best shot where Squishy walked in on us. We know it will make you laugh.

Your cool big bros,
Terry & Terri.

Else Perry
0033 Oozmanian Street
Roarington, XX


Dear Else,

Hi, it’s your annoying little bros, taking time to write a letter instead of calling you since you’re been so busy.

Mom told us you made it to Monsters Inc.! Psychology studies must really pay off. I guess Fear Tech was good for getting somewhere after all, ha ha! And guess what, we hoped to be Scarers there ourselves! We actually made a visit there weeks ago.

We admit, we didn’t think it would be such an important job before, examining paperwork and photos and assessing the child’s worse fears to match them to ideal Scarers. Mons who do this ought to be immortalized on trading cards. No one seems to care how much Child Psychoanalyzers contribute to our Scream supply.

We hope that one day, you’ll run into our paperwork in your job and assign our child!

I wish to come home and see your apartment. Consider yourself fortunate to have your own space! We can’t even have our own space!

If you come to visit Mom and Dad, I sure hope you stay awhile as we need our old Scaring target back. We’re not too old to creep into your room while you listen to your music and read. We warn you. We need to perfect our Scares. Better watch your back cause we need someone to rehearse on.

Mom informed us that Elsa just put her Psychiatry plans to a halt. Did she decide to be a rebel to Mom’s old wishes? Mom feels it might be her fault that Elsa did what she did and is curious rather than upset. Whatever she wants to do with her life, we’ll support her. We miss Elsa, especially considering she hadn’t contacted us. She hasn’t been answering our phone calls. So we’re going to try writing to her. I hate to bring this up as we have been way over it more than a decade ago, but sometimes I think that it was after the trampoline incident she started to turn cold. I think she still blames herself. We always made sure she knew we never blamed her just as we never blamed you.

We wonder, do you miss Elsa? I know you do, but I mean in a profound way that some essential part of you is missing something? Is this how non-conjoined twins would feel when apart for so long? Remember when Mom and Dad used to put Anna & Anne into the same crib but they couldn’t stop giggling at each other, so Mom and Dad placed Anna & Anne into separate cribs only for them to cry until they were together? Do you sorta feel this way about Elsa?

Enclosed are a photo of us and our fraternity brothers.

Hope to see you soon!

Your obnoxious lil’ bros,
Terry & Terri.

Elsa Perry
0053 Adrendella Avenue
Fright Town, XX


Dear Elsa,

Hello, big sister. We have been sending some phone messages and cards and photos of our good old college days.

Are you still making those ice sculptures occasionally? We’ve heard you’ve done some freelancing as an artist and put your Psychiatry prospects on hold. Ah, taking it nice and easy. Can you send us some photos of your work? If you weren’t so far away, we would recommend our recently engaged friends to order some of your finest ice sculptures from you.

If you’re not visiting anytime soon like Else, then we’re thinking we can pay a visit to your apartment. Did you know that Mom sleeps on your bed, awaiting your return? She misses you so much that she hadn’t even returned to her own room back to Dad for the last few years.

Hope you might call us and see us during the summer. Enclosed is a photo of us.

Your brothers,
Terry & Terri.

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