The Ultimate Pixar's Wallpapers Collection !!!

Hello guys! just wanted to share my new Wallpaper’s Blog for pixar, i will upload many more each day, so i hope you visit it and tell me what you think, any requests? :slight_smile:

What an incredible collection of wallpapers! :smiley: I have to say that the Ratatouille ones caught my eye the most… I absolutely fell head over heels for them. <3

As for requests, anything WALL•E-related would totally float my boat. :slight_smile: Especially if there were a way to get some of the images from the ‘Art of WALL•E’ book into wallpaper-form, as you did with some of the Ratatouille images.

Excellent blog, I hope to see more wallpapers in the future! You really have a knack for this stuff! :wink:

little chef

Do I really need to say which ones are my faves? Haha! Excellent work sir, I love these!

Thanx guys :slight_smile: there are many more right know, go and check them out!

WOW. Looks like I’ll never have trouble finding a Pixar wallpaper again! Wonderful! :smiley:

Odd, I thought I commented on these earlier tonight. I love the new Up and Monsters, Inc. ones, as well as the A Bug’s Life ones, they’re fantastic! The concept art ones are amazing as well, thanks for doing all these! I’m in love.

My God, I’m still in awe of these… :open_mouth:

I went and downloaded a whole ton, if you don’t mind… :laughing:

Wonderful, incredible, absolutely mind-boggling and stunning work. These are marvelous!!! :smiley: I’m glad you took on me and Netbug’s Art of WALL•E requests, they look fantastic! huggles them

little chef

Love these wallpapers! :smiley:

Eeee! You took on my WALL-E art request! And the rain pic is my favorite piece of concept art! Awesome! Thank you! :smiley:

I have 3 requests for wallpapers:

-EVE hugging WALL•E in space, with bright nebulae surrounding them

-The Axiom concourse

-The Lido Deck (daytime)

i just add more! enjoy !!

thank you to the few people whi visited the blog and put comments in here… enjoy

I’m impressed! Quite a variety of wallpapers there. And of images and shots that arent neccessarily common, which is really neat :slight_smile:

Really cool!

I used the Kevin wallpaper for my PC. Needed a new one anyway. x3 Amazing quality.

Thanx !!! check it out… there’s more! and merry christmass !!!

Good job and thanks for the link!

It’s really hard to pick one, as they are all so gorgeous. I guess I’ll put them in slideshow mode… :smiley:

I looked at all of them last night, they’re all awesome!

Whoa… these are just too awesome! I love the one of all 13 films accumulated and I’m using it for my wallpaper this week! And those cars that you made Pixar Cars… genius! You do epicly, Fabrico84!