thewisecookiesheet's tasty tidbits

Do you like the retro sigs better than the others? (14, 15, 16, 18, 20)?

  • Yes, I love the style. Make some more. :smiley:
  • Yeah, but I liked your other work better. :?
  • No, not at all. Stop it. x.x

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Does anyone know how to get the poll off? I had it on a timer, thinking it would dissapear after that, but it’s been a few months :confused: If a moderator or someone can remove it, please? I’d be ever so happy! C: ~ Thanks

Everyone has my permission to use my sigs. Just post or drop off a message if you like them. (And please link or give credit :sunglasses:)

And I’ll start adding new additions to this post so you don’t have to dig through the board.


The # represents the number of the corresponding sig.
(i.e.: …/pixarblend21.png represents the ‘Lightning McQueen’ sig)
Same method works for named sigs
(i.e.: …/pixarblendperry.png represents the ‘Perry’ sig)

Pixar Sigs

23 Retro: Up Tepui

22 Wonderful Company

21 Lightning McQueen

20 Retro: Muntz

18 Emile Noms

17 Lifted Wrong

16 Mr. Incredible vs the Omnidroid

15 Retro: Wall-E

14 Retro: Axiom

13 A Picnic

11 The Eyes Tell

10 On a Leaf

9 Traveling Through the Falls

7 Up Around the World

6 Incredible Mosaic

5 Knick Knack

4 Alec’s Frown

2 Car Mode Activated

1 Pixar Blend

Comments and suggestions are appreciated. :smiley:

Other Sigs






Hey, it looks like you’re off to a great start, thewisecookiesheet! :smiley: I love them! The first one is adorable, the second one is also cute, the third one is pretty neat, and I like the fourth screenshot, though I think you should add something like a caption to it. Looking foward to more of your tasty tidbits!

Thanks bright dot-dasher!

I wasn’t sure of what to add for the 4th one, but it was just simple and I liked it. I do try to get some saying or writing on the sigs, but tonight I’m tired, and but I couldn’t post with just 3 because that wasn’t enough. So I put up a simple 4th.


(btw: I was looking at your strange history events board before I came to check up here :laughing: How odd)

Em… cookies! :stuck_out_tongue:
I like the Alec and “Car Mode Activated” sigs. (Is that drawing of Alec from The Art of Pixar Short Films? :smiley:)
I understand you want to place credit on the sigs, but I wouldn’t put my name there in case people want to borrow your sigs. Just go on the trust that they would acknowledge you in a text line below your sig (Not to mention the last one was just a screencap).
But all in all, a pretty good start! What’s the font for “Car Mode Activated”?

do you take request???

These are really cool, thewisecookiesheet! I like the quote in the first one, and it goes really well with that sweet drawing of Alex. The font of the second one is cool- really reminds me of something from Power Rangers or Transformers, something along those lines. That’s really clever in the third one how you put all the logos of the Pixar movies in the background as sort of shadows, it’s very effective. And the last one is simple but sweet! The snowman from Knick Knack has to be the funniest character from any Pixar short. :laughing: These are a great start!

Aw! Thanks guys.

Orly? Trust sounds like a good idea… I’ll try it on my next set… (I plan to alter these too). I got the picture of Alec off the Pixar website, And the font for ‘Car Mode’ is OCR A Extended

And I guess for the credit can be taken off of the Knick Knack sig, that makes sense since it was only a small tweak on the picture.

Sure do!

thank you! :smiley:

awesome! could you make one for The Incredibles?

Yes I can!
We’ll talk.

ok. meet me outside of your engineering class

I second that. Please do some Incredibles avatars and/or siggys.

Next batch: The Incredibles

Premires sometime tonight ;D

Is this Incredibles month or what? :laughing:
Aren’t we supposed to get excited for Up? :laughing:
Not that I mind though, I just find the sudden interest in The Incredibles among forum members compared to other Pixar films, quite amusing. I’m still excited to see your new Incredibles sigs, thewisecookiesheet, you can be sure of that!


I don’t like to make sigs/avs if I haven’t see the movie yet (granted, I do have a pretty good idea about this movies…)

but I am seeing UP! tomorrow night :smiley: So, you can expect some sigs on Friday (hopefully)

Here’s my Incredibles one for tonight:

I’ve got to say, I really like the picture of Edna -----------------------------------^

Edited. I combined both of your posts. – Mitch

Wow thewisecookiesheet! :smiley: You have really outdone yourself! That TI signature is just amazing!

thewisecookiesheet: I really love that siggy. In fact, I love it so much, I would love to wear it, with your permission of course.

Thanks woody! =DD

And TSS, you have my permission to use the signature :smiley:

New UP signature:

Edited. I combined both of your posts. – Mitch

nice. i like it!

Nice! They’re so colorful and very graphically pleasing. I’d have to say I like the Incredibles one best.

Thanks lennonluvr9! Glad you like them :smiley:

(btw: Thanks Mitch for doin’ your stuff)