Things Kageri Draws When Tired (Ratatouille yay!)

d’awwwwww. blush :D;; And hey, like three minutes ago I saw “Sparky” as the newest member and was like “…oh hay, that’s gotta be the same one!”

Why yes I did. I just figured I’d start posting art since seeing as Pixar’s next movie is about robots, I probably won’t be drawing that. Or, y’know, Finding Nemo either despite it being like my favorite movie ever.

Awesome drawing of Linguini kageri!

kageri- I love that coloured Linguini. The lack of a strong outline and use of bright colours makes it so enjoyable to look at. :smiley:

kageri - Ah! I know you from deviantART! :smiley: Welcome to the forums! :wink:
I absolutely love your stuff!

kageri: Hi there! Have seen your works on dA…pure awesomeness. Love your style of drawing for L + C!!! Reminds me of the movie yet its done in a very unique way. I want to see more!!! :laughing:

kageri - You continue to put me to shame with your awesomeness. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ohh! My apologies. Heheh. :laughing:

– Mitch

Doodles in celebration of RATATUESDAY. Linked because of one minorish profanity omg!11. If that is not cool, just like, delete this or whatever and I’ll post the squeaky clean ones. I guess.

Actually, I’ll do that now, just in case.

Here (beware, people with dial-up! Also, how’s living in a cave treating you? I’m kidding, I’m kidding, gosh.)

I pretty much gave up on trying to draw Remy accurately because his design doesn’t translate well to 2D, I’ve found. That’s Kagerish for “I can’t draw Remy because I suck”.

Also, I Color Balance/Hue-Saturation/Selective Color the crap out of my pictures because I have no eye for color to speak of.

Amazing! I like the ahem “profaaaane” one. haha. Tries really hard not to use the word: That’s a really funny way to describe the way [spoil]she hits him[/spoil]!

And I love all the other ones as well. Your humor is so great and your art is really nice to look at. I like all your 2-D interpretations. You capture expressions and body language so well.
:slight_smile: sheila

Hey, I just saw the picture. I have to say that it looks absolutely amazing. You did a marvelous job with it. So unique. It has got a little mit of everything sort of speak.

kageri- Your art is so light and fun and enjoyable to look at. I love it! :smiley:

kageri - They all look freakin’ awesome, as usual… :stuck_out_tongue: (snigger)

Great job, dude. As was previously mentioned by Colette Linguini, I love your use of humor and le pencil. Keep it up…and keep us laughin’!

– Mitch

Doodled as a going-away present since I’m moving to PA and won’t be on the intertubes from like the 5th to the 13th or probably later since I don’t have a laptop and my computer will get unceremoniously put in a box as I tearfully watch. Whether it’s a gift that I drew this or a gift that I’ll be gone is up to you.

Anyway, Linguini’s morning!hair makes me giggle with glee. He looks like a mad scientist.

Absolutely adorable Kageri! Very, really cute. liguini looks fabulous!

That is totally wicked. I loves it so much.

You should really be an animator, especially at Pixar. When I see your work, then read that you don’t know whether you should be an animator - it makes me a bit sad… You have so much talent!

I’ll take the former, thanks. :wink:

D’awwww thansk you guuuyyyysss. I’d love to be an animator, but, well, I’m no fortune-teller. Maybe I am, like Linguini, not ambitious enough. I wish I could be more of a Remy in that department.

I guess I can’t set my sights on Pixar either, because what if it disappears or something? I seriously doubt that’ll happen any time soon, but ya never know. Then I’d realize I don’t have anything else in mind and have to scramble for a new aspiration.

Oh, you’re welcome, kageri. Your work is one of my few favourites that I look forward to viewing. I’d kill just to have 0.00000001% of your talent, dude. I can’t wait to see more artwork from you - especially Linguini. Heh.

Oh, I hear you there. I’m the same. Hopefully some of Remy’s ambitiousness will rub off on us, if we view Ratatouille enough times. :smiley:

Well, if you are going to aim to work somewhere, you may as well aim for the best in your chosen field, right? And the thing is, you have the talent to do it. And don’t worry, Pixar ain’t goin’ nowhere - otherwise this place would be redundant, and then what would we focus our energy on? :wink:

Good luck.

kageri - Heheh. Cute drawing, dude! I love the “frizzled” hair – looks as if he drank too much coffee or something. (My crazy imagination reigns again…)

As a side note, I agree with rachel in that she does have a point: You would make a fine animator/character designer/cartoonist at Pixar Animation Studios, even if you haven’t the aspiration or drive at the moment. Who knows? Maybe we’ll see you there! I sure hope so, as you definitely have the talent, dude. :wink:

– Mitch

First off, totally welcome. Secondly, I think you would make a perfect animator! I don’t see how you can’t! I mean, you are so talented.

kageri- I totally agree with what everyone else has said- only a handful of people in the world can, with a few well chosen lines, portray emotions that the viewer not only immediately, recognises, but can relate to. You’d make one amazing animator, and Linguini’s bed-hair is just another example of this. :smiley:

Awwww, you guuuyyyysss. That makes my day. :DD

Aw, that makes my style sound totally awesome, lizardgirl, and that kind of input is totally awesome to hear when on DA people often leave comments like “cute!” or “lol” (no offense DA-ers, I still appreciate your "cute!"s and "lol"s and even "hehe"s). I have wished frequently that I could do that painterly sketchy thing some people can do, but I draw how I draw, I guess. Perhaps I’ll doodle in my hotel room! It’s not like I’ll have much else to do. 8B

I like Linguini’s hair in general. I dunno why. It’s all wiry, like the fur on a curly-coated dog, it looks all pettable and stuff.