Things Kageri Draws When Tired (Ratatouille yay!)

Unfortunately, I did not possess the foresight to recognize the genius of the design of one particular character in Pixar’s newest movie until I saw him in action (not very artistic of me, but in my defense I only saw a couple pictures beforehand and the trailers and all I was thinking was “wow, that guy has a humongous nose!”).

I wasn’t crazy about Cars (sorry), so I’d been severely Pixar-anemic for a while and the slew of weaksauce CG movies coming out made it worse. I’d forgotten about their greatness. The future of animation looked bleak at best.

Then Ratatouille came along. I wept in joy. I fell to my knees and promised never to doubt Pixar again. The designs are fantastic. The voicework is fantastic. Every twitch and shrug and expression makes me writhe with glee. Guys, THEY HAVE KNUCKLES!! AND EYELASHES!!

Anyway, my brain turned into a frothy, swamplike substance, functioning only enough to endlessly doodle fanart - and, as I mentioned in the first sentence, it’s mostly of Linguini because I love him so. I have never seen anything quite like him. Jan Pinkava or whoever created that design should be given a medal. Or a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Or a planet named after them.

Enough pompous rambling. Here, have some doodles. I left the pink sketch lines in (except on the Colette one) because it makes it look like I have artistic learnings.

Baby, why you gotta be so hard to draw? Colette is hot like a hot thing, and I’m glad she wasn’t just a Token Girl-Power Character – I groaned inwardly first seeing her because the “solitary female in the whole movie” thing is rarely done right, but Pixar did. She even had funny lines, which pleases me as so many female characters are reduced to humorless voices of reason – like only guys can be funny?

Remy is downright impossible to draw for me. His design doesn’t seem to translate well to 2D… or I’m just, y’know, lame.

Oh, and I love Linguini’s nose. I’ve drawn anime since I was like nine and broke out of it fairly recently, so drawing him is oddly liberating, like streaking naked through a mall and not getting arrested. He’s the total opposite of everything I’d become accustomed to drawing in almost every conceivable way.

Usually I gravitate toward obnoxious Cartman-y characters and am annoyed by spineless ones, but Linguini’s constant “oh d-d-dear!” anxiety just makes me want to adopt him. He’s sort of tragic, really, but also funny, even if his anatomy follows its own special set of rules that I have no intention of even pretending I understand. (He has no shoulders!)

Ooooh, I like you already, kageri. :sunglasses: Welcome to Pixar Planet!

I love the raw sketchiness of your drawings, great for representing an agitated character such as Linguini.

Are you a deviantARTist? :wink:


Indeedly doo!

And thank you, kind madame! I can never get lines to look right – too jagged and wiggly – sooo that’s good to hear? :D?

kageri you are indeed talented. I am fond of the first one. (Not to say that second two aren’t good either :stuck_out_tongue: )

Just curious: what medium do you work with? Is it purely on the computer with a tablet? Or do you draw first then scan and then go over the sketch?

And lastly, Welcome to Pixar Planet :slight_smile:

Thanks! Yeah, I draw just with the tablet and trace over that. I occasonally scan pencil sketches, but have done that less when the frequency of my sucking with the tablet has decreased with time (I drew with a mouse until… what, a month ago?). All in OpenCanvas.

The trial period of which, incidentally, expired, so now I have to printscreen whenever I want to save a picture. Laaaaame.

Oh my gawrsh! I recognize you now! I almost added you to my devWatch once. Why I didn’t is beyond me. ;-o


kageri- Wow! I love your style! It’s so smooth and flowing and really displays emotions! I love the look on Linguini’s face in the last one. You can almost read his mind. :laughing: (Psst, join PixarPlanetdA- :stuck_out_tongue:)

kageri - First of all, welcome to Pixar Planet! :smiley:

Secondly, I didn’t realize that that was you, akiba-pop, until I accessed your deviantArt page. I’ve favorited some of your work before, and it’s not hard to realize why. I absolutely love your sketchy, yet smooth, artistic style. It has this “free” and cartoony nature that just brings life into the characters you draw.

Last, but not least: this isn’t relevant to the topic of discussion, but…I love your writing style (and avatar). Heheh.

Keep up the fantastic work! :wink:

lizardgirl - Heheh. She’s already a dA member. :wink:

– Mitch

Mitch- Yes, but not a PPdA member… :laughing:

Uh… WOW! First of all, I totally know what you meant by

There have been so many cruddy CG movies (Shark Tale, Over the Hedge, need I name more?) that I sort of doubted Ratatouille. But I was sorely mistaken. It is my favorite movie!

Also, you’re absolutely right about the character of Colette:

Yeah movie people often have a hard time doing that “feminist” character right (women in movies, I’ve noticed, are usually either air-headed little dummies, or uber-sluts-- pardon my French), but Ratatouille nailed it! She’s just strong enough to make all feminists proud, but you can see that she’s real and has a heart. So she’s sort of balanced. And you drew her perfectly! I think you just captured that. Nice one!

Your Linguini and Remy drawings are also great! I love how you put in his little goatee. He looks great. It’s apparent that you put a lot of thought into your work. It’s well analyzed and thought out.
overall, Bravo!

Uh wow, thanks to all! Yeah, don’t get me wrong, I was optimistic about Ratatouille, but I was cautiously optimistic. Fortunately the rat protagonist idea in itself intrigued me, as I have had pet rats and they are awesome. (And I hope for Linguini’s sake that the ones in the Pixar universe live to be 65.)

Although one thing I’ve noticed about fictional women is that often they’re just “tough” and nothing else, like the creators of them want to appease feminists by making them butt-kicking femme fatales or whatever. That’s, well, not gender equality.

Plus I love her big nose! Her design is completely awesome. I was getting sick of all the tiny noses on girls.

Anyway, here’s… more doodles, I suppose, freshly devianTART-ed. And yes, I always spell it “devianTART”.

Colette. And: Linguini’s public speaking skills, let him show you them.

My coloring doesn’t always look like that. Honest.

Very nice artwork you have there. Your style is so unique and so awesome kageri. I love it! Welcome to Pixar Planet also.

Ashley and I (we share this account) found that hilariously funny. Nice reference to Miss Teen… South Carolina, was it? :laughing: We were on the floor laughing. Great job on the faces and coloring. Why don’t you color Linguini next time? :slight_smile:

…in, uh, No-Lines Technicolor? 8D?

Wow, awesome art! I love it! :slight_smile:

I love your work, kageri! It’s like eye-candy!

PS Welcome to the forums. :wink:

That’s an awesome Linguini! What is 8-D, by the way?

Danke. Just your average everyday emoticon. :]

Keine Ursache!
Oh! feels silly I was reading it like 2-D or 3-D. heh. scurries away

kageri is awesome and all should burn barnyard animals in worship to her art.

When’d you join? peers Yesterday? I joined today. I didn’t follow you or anything, I just thought it was time I got my butt over here and preached the Bug’s Life love… :wink: