Things you regret

Is there anything you regret doing or not doing in life.

I regret not going to 5th Grade camp. I stayed home because one of my best friends stayed, I now wish I had gone since I missed out on an opportunity.

I also regret not being as social until around 12th grade when I joined Anime club, I should have joined clubs before, though I was in choir in 3rd grade. Some of my friends and I were also going to make a video game club in high school but never got around to it.

I regret losing one of my friends back in high school, I hope I can win his trust again though.

I regret not talking to girls more. Now it’ hard for me to want to go out with one.

I try to live my own life without regrets, but it isn’t easy sometimes. Right now, I sometimes regret a few things.
Like being lazy in my own projects
Being a jerk to people I cared about and not being able to make up for it
Not being on PP as often as I could
Choosing to fight other people’s battles

I regret seeing Inspector Gadget in theaters. How did I ever like that film?