TI2: Time Lapse Impacting Age and Character Development

If you recall the most successful Pixar sequel (No, not the Cars movies), the Toy Story movies had a time lapse with each and every movie; Andy growing a little older to the point where he was in college in the third movie. So this got me thinking, will Brad Bird age our favorite family of super heroes?

The great thing about animation is that you can do anything with them, regardless of how long it’s been. They can go along the parallel of time where the characters age in their time as we do in ours. Maybe they end up not aging much (if at all) and just pick off where we leave off. But I think if Pixar wants to repeat the same success as they had with the Toy Story trilogy, I believe they would age the characters. I think this would give us a fresh look on the characters while maintaining the same familiarity we had with them when we were first introduced to them.

Rumor has that the movie might be released in the next five years or so. Maybe in 2017, just so it can be released around the “Finding Dory” sequel.
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If that is the case, then the characters might age accordingly. I think the ones that would benefit the most with the aging process would be the three children, Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack. If Pixar decides to stay true with the time lapse, then I suspect Violet would grow up into a beautiful young woman. I think that as she got older, Violet would become her own independent woman. Maybe after years of fighting crime alongside her family, maybe she branches out to be her own super hero. Her powers develop from defensive fortitude to an arsenal of offense, combined with agility and intelligence that she inherited from her mom. And not only her powers develop over time, so would her character. Maybe she has a job that allows her to be independent. Violet would be a great character to not only explore externally, but internally. Also she could be an example of women breaking the gender stereotypes that men are stronger and more independent.

Dash is a fun character, always wanting to be active and running when he was younger. And I believe as an adult, maybe in college (if Pixar decides to age the characters accordingly) Dash would be the guy who loves to party, have fun, living the carefree life. With Dash’s natural athletic ability, it’s easy for him to become the big-man on campus. This development of character would give a great and interesting contrast to his older sister. Maybe he and Violet grow up to be total opposites as one grows up to be meticulous, firm, and calculating, while the other grows up to be a carefree, easygoing person. This might lead to explore what caused them to grow apart, what caused them to grow distant with each other, which could be set up for a much larger conflict (jealousy much).

And then, there’s Jack –Jack. I would imagine he would give up the cute double first name and stick to something a little more cooler: JJ. When JJ was a baby, he had the whole world ahead of him. His potential was yet to be discovered. If Pixar decides to age him, then we might see a teenage JJ. What would JJ be like? How would development affect his powers due to the fact he has a grab-bag’s worth of powers? Well, I believe Brad Bird would still try to have JJ’s powers mimic his status and personality in life. With that said, I argue that JJ would be like a teenaged Incredible Hulk; his powers and abilities, especially the shape-shifting ones, all triggered by his emotional state. As evidenced in the last part of the movie, JJ activated Fire-Mode, Metallic-Mode, and Beast-Mode out of fear and anger of Syndrome taking him. So I would imagine they would explore more of that as he develops into an emotional part of an adolescent’s life.

The biggest challenge I thought was how to age Bob and Helen. I thought that they could be entering retirement, finally deciding to hang up the suit after a fulfilling career as a super. Maybe they are still trying to keep their glory in check with newer and younger supers emerging. Maybe they are still fighting the good fight as a solid team. This honestly was the hardest for me to think of if Pixar decides to age the characters.
What do you all think? Would Pixar age the characters? If so, how would you like to see them?

Now that is a good question, TSS. Very interesting post you’ve got there. Unfortunately, we don’t really know whether or not Pixar would age the characters in accordance to the time lapse between the first movie and the upcoming sequel, as the sequel was clearly just announced not too long ago–and as the long-awaited sequel itself would currently be considered as pre-production, we do not know of any further details at this time. But as soon as we get closer to its expected release date, then we will find out more.

But just to keep it short: That, I believe, is a very good question right there, TSS.

Thank you evspixarfan2012. I posed the question to get people thinking about sequel possibilities and whether or not Pixar would choose to age the characters. I know nothing right now is concrete and all of my post is mainly speculation, but it certainly gets the mind thinking about the many creative ideas that Pixar could go in. Its something to think about, not something that’s confirmed. but thank you. :wink:

I’ve been thinking about that too. I think it’d really be cool to see the kids grown up a bit. And especially considering they could bring back the original voice actors for them (maybe not for JJ, since he was voiced by two kids, but who knows?). If they were still about the same age that would probably be an issue voice acting-wise, but that’s one thing they did with Andy in TS3, they kept the original voice actor, even though he was actually older than Andy was in the film. So I could see it very probable that the kids would age up. Not totally sure about Bob and Helen either, but we’ll just have to wait and see :slight_smile:

It’s just an opinion thing, but “old” Bob and Helen is my greatest fear. I hope with every fiber of my being they won’t do that. Nut we’ll just have to wait and see, I suppose.

I understand your opinion. Who knows, maybe Pixar won’t do a time lapse, but if they do, Pixar has done old interesting characters before (Carl Fredrickson)

I don’t think they’ll age them too much. Personally, I’m hoping for it being 5 years later. That means Violet’s about to enter college, Dash is a teenager, and Jack-Jack is around Kindergarten/Pre-School age. Regarding Bob & Helen, I imagine them still being supers, but just somewhat older.

What I’m not sure about is the voice actor for Dash. If the time-lapse is 5 years, then Dash would be 15. I’d like for them to get Spencer Fox back, but I don’t know what he sounds like nowadays.

its been almost a decade since the release. so I’m assuming spencer fox is now an adult with a different voice. but I wouldn’t mind a short time lapse. I just don’t want the characters I’ve known and love to be dramaticly different

My major concern is that with an age change, the focus of the movie will be on the kids. :confused:

I wouldn’t mind that at all.

I don’t see how it could be a problem, unless Bob and Helen maintain an active role even in their old age.

The time lapse might include a revival period for superheroes in which they are welcomed in society. This could introduce more heroes and inevitably more villains that pose as a threat.

That could be interesting. I just don’t want the main character to change.

Having the teenage time lapse can add a new challenge to Bob/Helen’s relationship which is the core of the movie. Delivers pixar heart too.

Very good point.

You’re not the only 1 who fears them aging IncredigirlVirginia, I fear what they might possibly do to Violet’s design during the aging process (aka making her Elastigirl 2.0).

Regardless I think it’s a 50/50 that this sequel will tear the universe apart, depending on the direction Bird takes the sequel (the only thing we do know is that the Family Dynamic (which was partly shown during Mr. Incredible’s workout time skip in the 1st film) is the primary main theme for the sequel heading forward).

I’m very positive that he won’t spilt the family up (which could throw a wrench or 2 into his story), so it’s possible that he might keep the family the same (with maybe a 1 or 2 year time skip as that could throw in enough change to the family for the story.)

I actually think it is nessecary for them to age along with the time lapse because there is so much potential in the younger heroes than there is with Mr. nd Mrs. incredible. Not that I don’t want them to have a significant role like in the first movie, but I think that we had little time to explore with Violet, Dash, and JJ, and it would be interesting to see how they take the mantle as their parents.

Bird wants to focus more on the family in general (while introducing new characters along the way), he’s not getting that with a grown-up Violet, Dash and JJ plot which is what you want because you think the parents fulfilled their purposes in the 1st film (1 of the reasons I find the JJ rumors to be 100% false as I can’t see Bird going that direction as he wants to use the family again with the Family Dynamic being the main theme as how does the Superhero part come into effect), fans want to see the whole family stay intact (Bob and Helen started this franchise and to be honest they should remain as the protagonists heading forward at least for this film), he’s not pulling a 15-year time gap as he can do more with it set a year later (Violet and Dash could easily master their powers within a full year rather than taking several years), if you have it set 15 years later the parents will either be dead or retired (something Bird wants to avoid big time as that would defeat the purpose of the Family Dynamic plotline and destroys Bob and Helen’s story from the 1st film), what made the 1st film soo great was the whole family working together as a team which is going to be the main focus in the sequel, you’re not getting that same feeling with it focused on the kids (especially if the parents are retired), it defeats the plot of the 1st film (which is why I don’t see the parents retiring again as it would be re-using a plot device from the 1st film, something I think Bird’s going to avoid for the sequel, he might somehow hint at them possibly retiring again during the story but maybe just small hints.)

If we see any aging at all (if we do), it’ll come at the end of the film (thereby setting up a 3rd film in the process, just like how the 1st film could set up the second installment that’s coming out 3 years later), I think there’s 1 more adventure involving the parents together with their kids (Helen to be more precise as she’s very popular and would draw the fans to the theaters, the grown-up kids would get mixed reception at best if Pixar gets their designs wrong) before handing it off to the kids as the plot progresses (which is far more rewarding than just straight up aging them TS style), a film focusing on the kids now all grown up would probably draw the fanbase away if the parents aren’t in it at all, the fans want to see the family in their current looks (whether being 1 year later or if the JJ rumors are true 6 years later) fighting crime as a family, Disney/Pixar won’t do a time gap if it doesn’t make sense.

A coming of age tale in a superhero dominated film has never been done before (something I think Bird is going to do but with Violet’s character set a year later as she could have trouble hiding her powers from her fellow school friends as could Dash), plus I have a feeling that this series is set to be a trilogy (1st film focused on the parents coming out of retirement with their kids learning their powers, 2nd film could focus on both while slowly allowing their kids to take control (with JJ slowly learning his powers more with help from his siblings), with the last film showing the kids grown up and taking control), also doing a 15 year time skip could create massive plot holes, Bird’s not going for a big time skip this time around, he can focus on both the parents and the kids without doing a massive time skip.

I understand that you want the family to stay intact. I think we all do. It’s not “The Incredibles” if you don’t have that family connection that you get with them. The family working together at the end was absolutely the icing on the cake. Bob and Helen have their goals accomplished at the end: Family can be together while still being their super selves.

The reason why I think that a timelapse AND have the parents consider retiring (not dead, but just too old to continue) is because it provides SO much potential conflict and another opportunity for the family to reach back that fighting family bond that was achieved when The Incredibles first came together. Only this time, the conflicts are not only more natural but more relatable. When you get older, you are either too busy with your job, or with life, or with your kids that you sometimes dont see your parents/grandparents as usual. We all want to connect with each other again, but it’s real life pressure that keep us from accomplishing that.

That’s why I want Vi and Dash (and JJ) to be the main focus because as adults, it’s really easy to get caught up in life that the time you can be spending with your elder parents grows smaller and smaller.

I love the idea of a coming of age story fo Violet, however, isn’t the “coming of age” story more or less the same as an origin story? I feel that ever super hero movie has done something like that (origin or not). They all have done something where the main character experiences a defining and dramatic moment that makes them realize that they must use their powers for justice.
And believe me, nothing would make me freak out and go numb with joy more than more Incredibles adventures, but i’m banking on that a sequel is the only one that we’re gonna get. IT’s took 10 years to decide to make a TI2, another 5 to actually make it. So if they do plan to make another one, keeping everyone around that same age would be very hard.
I just feel that there is so much potential for story and development with a time lapse.

I think you’re on to something (they’re basically redoing the 1st film only with the kids in their parents’ roles, I’m thinking they’re going to kill off Bob (since a film focusing on personal lost in a family hasn’t been dealt with yet which could make for a very powerful story (even though Up already kind of did that), plus look at some of the past recent films Pixar has come out with lately that had timeskips (ignoring the Toy Story films as they go by actual real time which is what you’re proposing Disney/Pixar is doing which they might do and is actually a reality now), they usually only do about a year or 4 years of aging when it comes to sequels (the 1 year coming from Finding Nemo to Dory, the 4 years coming from Cars to Cars 2 and Monsters Inc. to Monsters University), also they REUSE the same designs from the original film for the next installment (with some minor updates to freshen up the characters such as lighting or making them feel older without changing much), it’s not that hard to reuse the same designs from previous films, especially if they have it hanging up in their exhibits which they do.

I think a 15 year time skip is actually going to be the primary story, also remember the recent trend that has been going on with Pixar using sidekicks and females as leads in follow ups lately? they’re going that route for the 2nd film with Violet as the main heroine of the story, the parents are gone now (Bob likely dead, Helen out hiding in shame over losing her husband, making her vanish) and have the kids take over which is like about what 55% of the fanbase wants, Bird knows exactly what he’s doing and aging them is exactly what he’s doing,(this means Holly Hunter and Spencer Fox will be 100% back, but Sarah Vowell probably won’t be returning to voice an older Violet (which could mean a possible recasting, but I assume Vowell can do it) Nelson is easily not coming back as Bird doesn’t want to risk losing another icon right before filming or Jackson for that matter (the latter is partially already confirmed to be in the sequel, just hasn’t actually reveal or signed on yet), remember the parents is what the fans want to see along with their kids (the same age or at least with the same designs from the previous film), wait until D23 later in the Summer before we get a full idea on what Bird’s up to (we got a hint of that with the poster from last year which indicates that the Parrs’ designs will be very close to how they looked in the 1st film which is a good start (they can still base the designs off of their 1st film’s looks and go from there), Bird’s going for the surprise factor in the sequel which is what the fans are excited about (picking up where the 1st film ends with twists and turns thrown into the story is what Bird’s going with, plus we’ll get to see more of Helen’s backstory explained which is a mystery that most fans want to see).

Using the cast members from the 1st film while they’re still alive now before we lose another one (we just lost Elizabeth Pena 2 years ago (although Mirage is going be axed regardless unless we get a simple cameo or 2 rather than the awful idea of Sophia Vegara replacing her and Nelson’s not getting any younger either, but he can still voice Mr. Incredible and having his character in the beginning for a short but memorable scene before dying would be a good way to end his amazing career voicing 1 of his more famous roles (outside of the 2 Classic Poltergeist films) since the parents’ stories are done, that’s what Bird’s doing it’s why he’s been soo secretive with the film for soo long (he’s bringing back most of the original VAs for the family (Dash’s VA is up in the air as we don’t know whether they’ll use Fox again or replace him with Ocha, speaking of Dash’s 2nd VA Ocha could possibly voice Jack-Jack as a teen), this is literally the last film featuring our favorite Superhero family.

Plus if Bird does announce this would be his last film (which he clearly hasn’t yet, although it’s looking very likely as he wants to focus more on 2D animation), The Incredibles is just too good of a series to die with just 1 sequel installment to it’s name (unlike the Finding Nemo/Dory series which is obvious getting just the 1 sequel, unless they do a Finding Marlin which I’ll just simply laugh at the prospect of a 3rd Nemo film when we already dealt with Marlin in Nemo), Disney/Pixar and the Incredibles are just too good to let them die out with just 2 films under their belt, that’s just insane.

Plus Pixar’s films have continued to thrive on despite massive real life time gaps between them, Toy Story and Cars says hi as does the Finding Nemo/Dory (TS 1995/TS2 1999/TS3 2010/TS4 2018/ Cars 2006/Cars 2 2011/ Cars 3 2017), that’s why I think the 2nd film will have a 1 year gap, it’s just too good of a series to let go, if anything Incredibles should have swapped places with the Cars series, now had the 2nd film been released around 2007 (replacing Ratatouille’s spot), then maybe we would have gotten a good 4-5 film series with the Parr family, (a trilogy is still on the table despite a big time skip in real life, again Toy Story says hi with a 4th on the way).

Oh and the unused ideas from the 1st film are in the sequel (this includes the proposed villains before Syndrome got the spot), along with the fact Bird’s literally done with the script at this point (a 29 year old Violet talking about body image issues at her age from the Vowellete essay would be rather very oft-putting for the fans, it makes more sense for her teenage self to say that as that’s what the scene was used for (more likely it’ll be mention in flashbacks or 29 year old Violet will do her own version of her looking at the mirror only to find out she’s barely changed at all), how are you going to connect to the 1st film with said unused scenes/ideas with a 15 year time gap? (they would have to be in flashbacks, aging the Parr 15 years later although makes sense in general I will admit (but should be saved as a last resort option if Craig T. Nelson dies during actual production), but you have to think long-term, do we get just the 1 sequel as you want with a 15 year gap? (ending the series with just 2 films) or do we get another thereby making it a full trilogy chronicling the lives of the Parrs as they age with each film? (the latter is a better idea as we get to actually see the Parrs take down bad guys in their current looks as a family, something the fans would want), but the fans just want the series to end on a high note as this could be Bird’s final film under the Disney/Pixar banner and possibly his last film using 3D.

Just as long as they don’t ruin Violet’s design as an adult (meaning no sexy Elastigirl redesign (this also means no short haired Violet as Helen already has that look going for her), I think we’re going to end up seeing 1 of the greatest films ever made (with the parents playing a short but defining part in the finale), as much as I grudgingly hate aging beloved characters in favorite films it’s gotta be done, 15 year time skip pretty much confirmed at this point, there’s not more secrets it’s happening.