Tin Toy!

Yes, they were available at Comic-Con for $90. I got one before they sold out (yep, they were selling out there). Trust me, it’s WELL worth the price. The box is 100% accurate–well, the pattern on the top of the box is different, but that doesn’t ruin it.

I don’t know where or how they’re going to sell them now that Comic-Con’s over, but if you ever get the chance to get one, DON’T PASS IT UP.

Credit to GamesRadar

Credit to Jeff Pidgeon

I’m going to take some pictures and review it soon. It’s truly a sight to be seen.

I love this short, I feel really bad for the Tin Toy but the bit at the end was funny. The baby creeps me out though, its like sort of Andy when he was a baby with all his toys… but he’s called Billy… and he has a different bedroom and toys and everything :stuck_out_tongue:

I adore this short - one of my favourites. The ending is a bit weird, but I love Tinny and I would kill to get one of those models. Is it too late to give him a feature length film?

This is an amazing short considering that the baby was the first ever CGI babies.

And not to mention this short gets you thinking. “Oh, so that’s why my toys end up missing.”

It’s a cute little short film and deserved the Oscar it won. The baby does move around very oddly though and it’s nappy does look a bit oversized. Then again, it was 1988. :stuck_out_tongue:

Although the baby looked odd, the Short was classic. I just hope Pixar one day gets round to release a Tin Toys Christmas, but with more up-to-date rendering and modelling. It just deserves it for being the inspiration for Toy story, heck why not even do a story revolving around “Tin Toy meets Toy Story”. I think it would be great, just needs a good story though.

Hey, you know that’s not a bad idea! They really should do that! :smiley:

Sorry to the fans of this one, but it scared me and Im in my 20’s.
I guess it was the baby really that spooked me…

I saw a bit of a Tin Toy reff in Toy Story at the end.
I dont want to spoil it but hopefully you all know what Im speaking of.

I love Tin Toy, no matter how creepy the baby looks :mrgreen:

The creepy baby adds to the overall appeal I think, its just that terrifying.

It’s just his mouth. It moves really weirdly. :open_mouth:

Or the part where the string of drool drips into his diaper… :open_mouth:


I think we are supposed to think the baby is creepy, so we sympathize more with Tin Toy. :slight_smile:

That makes sense, and works. Because that baby scares the shejeezles out of me!

I agree. the baby is so hideous, he becomes scarier with each viewing. 8D

Makes me wonder what he’ll look like to us in 20 years or so… :open_mouth:

I know this sounds really weird, but do you think Pixar should remake this and Red’s Dream? Just to show where the technology has come since '87-'88. Just a thought.

I wouldn’t want remakes of these, but I would love to see some new shorts staring Luxo Jr. Not a direct remake of the original, but something new with the same lamps.

I think we can see how far technology has come with new productions, remaking Red’s Dream would be unnecessary.