Tin Toy!

What, no thread for this one? I thought it was hilarious. :smiley:

What did you guys think of it?

Not my favorite Pixar short, but I still found it enjoyable. I liked how the tin toy faced his initial fear of the baby and chose to try to make it laugh instead of cry… only to realize the baby was more interested in the box.

Yeah, not one of my favorites but it still made me laugh. I think if it were made more towards the present day it would’ve been better.

It’s alright. It’s not one of my favs either. I spent most of my time watching it comparing the animation of the baby to what they can do now. Just to see how far they’ve come.

I think it’s genious! It won the Academy Award for Best Animated Short, y’know. :wink: The story was really clever and if they revamped it today, that would be awesome too!

I just love watching how weird the crawling baby looks. I don’t know where I remmeber hearing this comment from, but I’m sure a Pixar employee said something about the baby’s nappy looking as though it was made out of concrete. :laughing:

A good short, though. I love the toys in it especially, and the way Pixar manage to convey emotions even when the animation was pretty basic.

Oh tin toy, I love that little guy(= I remember the first time I watched Tin Toy was in class, and we discussed how difficult it was to animate humans and how creepy the baby was haha(= It is interesting to see how far Pixar have come in past 20 years! :smiley:

It’s not in my favs either but i still like it, especially that they did their first Human character…

Did anyone notice that Bass from One Man Band resembles Tinny, but in a human form.

Yeah, I thought of that when I saw the One Man Band for the first time.

Actually I made a thead for this one a while ago…looks like it’s been bumped to achives now…:frowning:

Every time I watch this short i think, “Wow, Pixar’s come a LONG way” :open_mouth:


Is that considered a sad ending?

Killler123: It depends on how you look at. I find it more ironic than sad personally.

I remember watching this short on a video I had around the release of Toy Story. It also had “Red’s Dream” and “Knick Knack,” I believe.

Anyway, I like “Tin Toy.” It’s cute and simple.

This short is amazing. Its one of the originals, and i think thats what is most impressive about it. :slight_smile:

Pixar really has come a long way since this short, but there’s really so much to appreciate about it since it did create the inspiration and concept for Toy Story.

Here’s something interesting I just read about regarding this short: there’s this guy who works in robotics named Dario Floreano who says that the idea of “uncanny valley” that’s been taken seriously by filmmakers in CGI came from audiences responding negatively to how weird the baby seemed in this short. So I guess that means he blames uncanny valley on Tin Toy.

ha, this is my favorite pixar short, maybe because it was the first short i saw. I think its hilarius, also, I find impresive that this story became toy story 7 years after thar.

PD: isnt that baby going to suffocate?

I love this short! I love how the toys all hide from the "cute"baby. Reminds me of how all the insects on A Bug’s Life run from the “cute” birds.

I like this short because it’s timeless. It is enjoyable watching now as it was 15 plus years ago. My sister and I watched it a while back and we thought it was hilarious! The baby is so creepy though!

Has anyone heard about the new vinyl tin toy figure that was created? Only 500 are being made! I think I heard they were selling for $90