Toadkarter's Art

Well, I’m not really a drawing person. I’m no good at actually doing anything with a pencil. Poor handwriting, poor drawing skills, poor coloring skills. But, I do partake in another type of art. It’s called Spriting. It’s creating an image pixel by pixel on programs like MS Pain, Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop. I use PSP there.

So anyway, I’ve been doing that for a good, three years now. I don’t do much Disney related work. For the most part, I just make Nintendo stuff. But I did do a Nemo sprite a few months ago for my now Ex-Girlfriend. So I guess I’ll show that off.


That seems really good actually. Nice work on that, Toadkarter . :smiley:

Very cool! I, too, have horrible handwriting, so I’ve never been good at drawing…I might take up “spriting.” :wink:

Toadkarter: That is probably the cutest nemo fanart i have ever seen. Nice work.

That’s really cute. =) It reminds me a bit of “pixel art” if you are familiar with it.

Toadkarter- Wow, a very different kind of art here! I love how big Nemo’s eyes are- he looks so sweet! :smiley:

Aww, TK! Nemo looks so cute! <3

That’s not half bad, actually! On the contrary, it’s wonderful! Great job. :wink:

Oh, and welcome to Pixar Planet, Toadkarter!

Pixel Art and Spriting are pretty much the same

thing. Mine here can be more considered Pixel Art since it has no animations. Sprites are typically smaller than

Pixel Art. A lot of Gameboy Games and Old SNES/Genesis era games use Pixel Art for like, character mugshots and


Thanks for all the comments guys!

Nemo looks great it must have been hard to make!! :smiley:

Not if you have a good reference. It only took about an hour-hour and a half.

It’s difficult to get a good pallette and shade though. This isn’t one of my better pieces I would say, but it

was Pixar, so I figured I’d post it.

If you ever did any cute little pixel art of

Linguini or Remy, a lot of people here would love you for it. =)

rachel - You can say that again! :stuck_out_tongue:

If you ever did any cute little pixel art of Linguini or Remy, a lot of people here

would love you for it. =)


rachel - Haha – yeah! Although, if the Nemo Sprite alone took

approxiamately an hour to an hour and a half, guess how much a Remy or Linguini one would take. :stuck_out_tongue:

Or, if you did a cute little piece of an incredibles characters, I would love you for it.


Just a tiny little sprite of Remy and/or Linguini would be awesome - in fact the smaller they are, the cuter. :wink:

But if it takes too long don’t worry about it. =)

Here are some The Incredibles sprites from a Game Boy






rachel - Ha. Wow. Can you

image how long it must have taken to make those, especially the animated ones? Gee whiz…

Very cool,

though! Thanks for the links, rachel! :wink:

The difference between me making them and a

professional gaming company making them is, I’m a single person, they have a whole team working on their

sprites. I’ve done animations, but never that many.

Toadkarter - Ah, I see. It all makes perfect sense now.

Why didn’t I think of that? (snigger)

Thanks for the explaination. :wink: