Can anyone draw a human

version of L&S?

Ehhh :confused: , i really don’t like those drawings so , sorry , that’s not the doodle for me .

what willl they look like? I’m not a good drawer (huh? i don’t think i spelled it right. :confused:

) myself, but I can try but I gotta know what they look like.

Well Sal has blonde hair with aqua eyes.The outfit doesnt matter.Lightning has blonde hair,a

red outfit,and blue eyes.Did that help?

i’ll see what i can do, but

what about their hair style? I thought Lightning would have red hair since he is red, and sally can have blonde,

because i don’t see many people with blue hair, blue hair is cool though.

it’ll ethier be a drawing or a

painting on the computer.

But, it’ll take me some time and I’m going to try and start atfer


Ok.thats cool.Thanks.:slight_smile:

Wouldn’t it be hard since we know them more as cars instead of


Hey guys, check this out:

[url=Race Before Breakfast by Blue-Fox on DeviantArt

ge_sigma%3A24h+age_scale%3A5]Lightning and Doc in Human Form[/url]

Personally, I think that this is one

rather fantastic-looking drawing. Mr. McQueen is perfect, no? :slight_smile:

McQueen yes , Doc , well , that’s another story .

gottalovepixar - Indeed – Doc almost looks like an actor

that I have seen before (I can’t remember his name). My sister, on the other hand, says that he looks like Rick

Dicker. I disagree… :stuck_out_tongue:

Other than that, I love the picture. As for a picture of Lightning and Sally in

human form, well…I would rather not see them depicted in that form. (snigger)

[color=indigo:1vqzm22w]I can give it a try.


As for the fan art I’ve seen of humanized [i:1vqzm22w]Cars[/i:1vqzm22w] characters…:-\ Most of

it is anime that doesn’t come



[i:1vqzm22w]This[/i:1vqzm22w] artist got it


%3Ascraps]humanized Mater and Lightning[/url]


Well, I guess

if you can imagine Owen Wilson and Larry the Cable Guy in an outfit similar to the Cars colors, I guess it would

make sense.

:laughing: Lightning’s

got Lightyear pants!

PixarVixen - That’s funny. In the first picture (anime), it looks like the artist

just changed each character’s hair color to match that of their car counterparts. Bizzare, yet it works.


I can’t wait to see your version, PV. :wink:

The Star Swordsman - I

agree. They are the characters in human form, so it makes perfect sense.

CarFreak - I know. Isn’t that great? :laughing:

It is

kinda hard for me to tell who is who in the anime one. I had to look at them really carefully.

i just read the bottom, I luv Ramone! he looks awsom! :sunglasses:

I did the same thing – I just read the post below the picture in order to

identify who is who. And yeah, Ramon is great, but Strip Weathers is the coolest. :wink:

hey, where’s Mack? i gotta say Mater dosen’t look like mater but I love the DRH espaclily

wingo and dj

The problem I have with that drawing though is that all of the characters appear to be

the same age and have the same body shape. Even in car form, the characters of Cars

have distinguishing characteristics, not just assorted hairstyles and outfits. Well, as cars, they wouldn’t

have either. 8D But you know what I mean.


PixarVixen - Haha – yeah, I

see what you mean there. They all look like sixteen year olds. Perhaps the artist drew them that way to make them

look more…“attractive”. :stuck_out_tongue: