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I don’t think there’s a thread set up for journal articles on TS3, so here I go. Maybe another one for ‘Reviews’ can be set up upon its release. Maybe mods could consider a sticky? :slight_smile:

Sydneysider Pixar fans might want to get their hands on a copy of today’s Daily Telegraph. The brand new poster of TS3 has made the front cover of the ‘Hit’ movie section. TS3 was also highlighted for the month of June, with good ol’ Lotso and Buzz taking centre stage. Thank goodness they didn’t feature Shrek 4 instead!

Very awesome, I thought they were going to have Gyllenhaal or Jolie on the cover instead, so to have an animated film featured instead shows Pixar can stand amongst the big-boys tentpole flicks. :slight_smile:

Very awesome article there, thedriveintheatre. I’m glad they included a picture that features pretty much every toy in Toy Story 3 it seems.

And I’ll sticky this thread for you as well as starting a couple of reviews threads.

This is probably the wrong place to post this, but Toy Story 3 has created quite a stir on AOL. … e-guide%2F
It was a pleasant surprise to see Mr. P on the frontpage!

Nice article on Lee Unkrich from the San Francisco Chronicle:


(Oh, and there are no movie spoilers in the article; it’s a safe read.)

Wired magazine has a look at the making of Toy Story 3 this month. Here’s the cover page:

Here’s one from Newsweek: … -time.html

And here’s one from Time: … 64,00.html


Here’s the article online if you don’t want to buy the magazine. :wink:

Animating a Blockbuster: How Pixar Built Toy Story 3

Also from the same magazine, is ‘10 Things Parent Should Know About Toy Story 3’. It basically reads like a giant plug for Pixar, but who’s complaining? Read Question 5 for the writer’s interesting opinions on other upcoming family movies…

10 Things Parents Should Know About Toy Story 3

O yea! I saw that! :smiley: .
What paper did you get it from TDIT?, in my local Hereld Sun they had like another article but not from like a entertainment paper.
I have it somewhere, Maybe i can just look for it tonight and post it here :smiley: .

It was in the Thursday entertainment section called ‘Hit.’ from The Daily Telegraph, a Sydney-based tabloid. I can’t seem to find the original article now, but it was about a month ago (Good thing I photographed it for posterity!). Do you live in Sydney gleefan1?

There was an article in the Sydney Morning Herald on Thursday which was reprinted from the Telegraph, London, about how Toy Story 3 is making grown men cry. Yes, you heard me. Cartoons make adult males weep! Who woulda thought that? :unamused:

Why Buzz Lightyear and Woody are a ticket to tears

And on that bombshell, it’s time to say: “Good night, everyone!”

No I think that artilcle that I saw was saying, “The ‘Toys’, Are Back
In Town”.
But sadly I don’t live in Sydney, Melbourne actuly, I visited Sydney one, I really liked it but it’s just those white lines on the road, their super thin!!!
The rear view mirrors nearly touched the car next to me!

CBD roads are nightmare, gleefan1. A friend of mine went to Melbourne and he prefers the ‘grid structure’ you lot use there! :slight_smile:

Oooooh! The first English one from Japan. … r-the-toys

Here’s another one with Darla Anderson in Japan.

It’s Monday afternoon in Japan and everybody here wants TS4.

The source. … Y12T01.htm

The Daily Mail’s review came out today, and it gave Toy Story 3 five stars! The reviewer is known for being tough, so that’s pretty amazing. I’m happy to type up the review later on, though it does seem to have a few spoilers so I haven’t read right through it yet.

Has this one been posted yet? … oy-story-3

Not sure if this is the right place, but Cracked praises the emotional side of Toy Story 3 in humorous, if not a bit morbid way… … art5D.html

Lee on the success of Toy Story 3, and what’s to come for Pixar:

Good to hear that there are original movies in development.

Great article Bryko614, thank you very much for posting!

I too am happy to hear that there is a lot of focus on original films going on. I also am glad to know that those who love Monstres, Inc are also going to love the sequel.

He said some very nice things about Brave as well.

Although they spelt “congratulations” wrong in the first question 8D

Luv that article. Any new bits regarding Brave excite me.

Reese Witherspoon and Emma Thompson in Brave? :mrgreen: YESS!!! Thank you, Bryko. :smiley: