Toy Story 3 Fan Commentary

It’s a bit early, but hey, I might as well suggest this now. I say we should SELL this one on iRiffs and use the money for charity…mostly because I want to feel like my stupid activities are for a good cause.

I’ll be the annoying guy who looks for symbolism in every scene!

Ooh, I’d love to do one of these, though it might be a while yet. Still, good to throw this idea out there. I miss doing our fan commentaries.

Great idea, The Chicken Man! I was thinking the same thing yesterday when I paid a visit to my local theatre and saw the TS3 posters, but kinda forgot to bring this up on the forums.

A great member called ffdude1906 used to host Pixar Planet Movie Nights last year, a much more casual alternative to the recorded Pixar Planet Commentaries. Maybe it’s time to bring back this event?

Well when it comes out, I’d be up for it.

Count me in!

When the time comes, that is.

Has this already happened? :frowning: