Toy Story 4: For Real This Time?

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Anyway, Flat What. Tom Hanks is joking, there’s no other explanation unless they’re confusing the Toy Story Toons for another TS film.

I don’t think he’s confusing it with the Toy Story Toons. Because they are asking if we will see Toy Story back in theaters, and he said he thinks so. So I’m not completely convince they are making it. Besides didn’t Lee Unkrich say that there will be no more movies?


Oh, jeez! Not another sequel! Now don’t get me wrong, I like Toy Story as much as the next guy, but that’s just insane.

But then, for all that we may know, he may just be joking around. Some people do that, you know.

(Like Rare with their supposed Banjo-threeDSie… :C )

That or he’s just referring to the toons. I hope that’s it…

Really now, he must be misinformed. I can’t think of any way around it. I don’t think the actors are some of the first people to know about this stuff anyway. They don’t usually get involved until the last few years of production, and if TS4 really were coming out and this far in development, Lee wouldn’t have denied all those claims.

I’ll tell you straight up that there isn’t going to be one, and not just for the reasons listed so far, but based on a simple evaluation based on the three films already out there.

Since the third film tied up all the loose ends and showed a final passing of the torch (in this case, passing of the toys) to the next generation of toy owners, there’s simply no way to continue the story without having to a)repeat the trilogy all over again or b)pull one out of a hat of 40 fathoms. :unamused:

Besides, the toys are happy with their new owner and their new environment in the context of the story. To try and further the story would be a sign of milking a cash cow beyond it’s worth and showing disrespect to its loyal fan base.

But that’s just my take on it. What do you think?

^^ I agree with everything you just said.

I think he was referring to the Toy Story Toons. For me personally, I wouldn’t see a TS4 unless if it was very very good. Besides, Lee Unkrich said after TS3 that there wouldn’t be any more Toy Story films.

Oh. Toy Story Toons, you say?

Well, they did do those Toy Story commercial stings back in the late 90s. I personally believe that more Toons wouldn’t do the franchise any more justice. I mean, Pixar already did Mater’s Tall Tales, and look at the shape the Cars franchise is in.

He who fails to study history… :unamused:

Thats what the short films are called like the Cars Toons Mater’s Tall Tales. I believe those commercial strings from 1996 your referring to are called the Toy Story Treats or something like that. I remember watching one of those a while ago where [spoil]they played with some TV remote.[/spoil]

^ I think you mean this:

John Lasseter gets asked the question; thats when things get awkward in this BBC interview.

he says it at the 1:20 mark

That was actually horrifying :open_mouth: This makes me terrified…could they do this??

No!! Please no!!

Whoa! :open_mouth: I hope he’s just teasing with them. But TS3 ended perfectly. Why would they ruin that will another film.

I’m not liking this new sequel trend that Pixar is going through.

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