Toy Story Black Friday Reel

Here’s the infamous Toy Story deleted scene I uploaded (the other versions on YouTube were out of sync). For some reason, the quality suffered on Windows Movie Maker (grr)… Not important though, because the main purpose was to get an accurate storyboard reference (I’m thinking of animating the scene).

It doesn’t look BAD. It just looks likes a completely different film. Made by Dreamworks. I actually kind of like it.

Woody trying to KILL Buzz, though, would have to result in a sad ending where he gets what he deserves. Which would be changed by stupid test audiences to a happy one. Just like a certain musical I love.

I loved Bo Peep! Hahaha

I have to agree with John here, this is bad. Thanks for the upload by the way. Is there a screenplay version of the Black Friday Toy Story online?

I’d love to see that. :laughing:

Wow, Woody seems almost like a completely different character in this version. He never treated any of the rest of the gang so hostile-like! It still has a bit of the feel of the film, though, and I like the scene, even if I didn’t care for this version of Woody.

I’m with Chuckles about the screenplay thing. I’d like to be able to read what the rest of the film was supposed to be like.

This must have been from the original storyboards… the ones they originally showed to Disney. I didn’t realize their plans were this far of at this point. :astonished: I’m glad the movie didn’t turn out like this in the end! :unamused:

Hey, thanks for putting this up, Dinoco!

Nope, they only have the final script. Which is a bummer, since I know there’s at least one other earlier script out there.