Toy Story fan commentary - 10.20.2008

I can’t do the 28th cause it’s my Birthday but I should be able to make the 20th. I gotta make a practice first though :wink:

I can make the 28th if it’s in the morning.

M-O - We were going to cap the number of participants in the Toy Story commentary, but you may as well get ready for it anyway. Chances are that some won’t be able to make it (due to a scheduling conflict or unforeseen circumstances). If more than seven people show up we’ll have decide at that time who gets to commentate.

I wish A113 hadn’t proposed the 28th October in the title of this thread… especially as I’d specifically stated that I wouldn’t be able to record on that date. The 20th I don’t see any problem with that.

Well, since M-O and rachelcakes are having problems with the 28th, I wouldn’t mind changing the date. I’m fine pushing it earlier (as long as it isn’t before Friday the 24th, when assignments are due) or later (as long as I don’t have any French tests on that date).
We’ll await A113’s reply to this. :wink:

A113 isn’t in this commentary (I don’t think)…

My vacations start the 25th of October and i will probably be going on a trip from the 27th/28th to the 2nd/3rd but between these dates i will be available as for before my vacations i have school and it will be more interesting for me to do the commentary on a weekend but i’ll tell you when i finish each day.(little information, don’t forget that i’m in France…)

Monday - I finish at 3:30 PM.
Tuesday - 4:45 PM.
Wednesday - 12 AM.
Thursday - 4:45 PM.
Friday - Normally 3:30PM.

I can’t do a commentary before school because youwill be all sleeping in the US and i don’t think i could get up before that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like the 20th.

As for my participation, get this: The two computer dudes are the only two reliable dudes in town; therefore, they forgot! :question: :exclamation: :question: :exclamation: Anyway, i probably won’t get my computer back for a very long time; hopefully by the time Mitch gets hers back, but i don’t think i’ll be able to make this one, either. I’m really, really, really sorry if i disappointed any of you. I was planning so much, i would’ve made it extremely fun, but i can’t this time. Again, sorry. :cry:

But i’m still helping out for you. Anything i can do, i’ll try. So, it looks like the 20th of October, ah? Sounds good (no pun intended).

The 20th looks like a good date for me, but I am going to have to double check just to be sure.

qxgnxamy Ok, i’ll be willing to not praticipate if we have too many members, but right now the 20th is good.

If it’s the 20th and another ‘test drive’, you guys can go ahead without me. I’d like to give other people a chance.
Really hope I could make the Toy Story one. I want to be a part of the PP’s inaugural feature-length commentary!

I put together a calendar based on the information everyone has posted about their schedules so far. If you do a google calendar search for “pixar fan commentaries” it should show up (if you have google account). I’m sure it’s not completely accurate so if you have any corrections or additions please tell me. Note that the times on this calendar are in GMT/UTC. It’s quite confusing to look at, so maybe it’s not so useful…

That Google Calendar thing you made up is pretty useful, Peter. Hmm… It does look as if someone is going to miss it. I’m free for 6 hours during the day, but if you wanted I could change it to 2pm - 10:30pm on weekdays, if that would help, then it gives an extra hour and 1/2 of time. I think my state may be entering daylight savings time on Oct 5th, so I would figure that would change things…

Lightning Eclipse - So are you unavailable during every weekend in October, then?

Rachel - I did take into account the time change in South Australia on Oct 5th; notice how your schedule shifts one hour earlier? It looks like there’s a good chunk of time on Oct 1st (tomorrow) when everyone’s free, but that’s too soon to get the word out. There’s also a chunk of time on Oct 8th when everyone’s free; maybe we can do our practice on that day. On Oct 22nd, if you don’t mind staying online until 10:30pm, we’ll have two hours; that’s enough time to do the Toy Story commentary, I think (but thedriveintheatre may be pretty busy). It looks like there’s plenty of time on Oct 29th, 30th and 31st. On some of these dates I’m assuming that us Americans won’t mind getting up early in the morning.

I don’t have a google account so i didn’t get to see the calendar, but according to what you said i’m free on Oct 5th, Oct 8th i will be free after 12 AM. Oct 22nd i’m qlso free after 12 AM.
As for the 29th, 30th and 31st it will depend on the times… :smiley: - When you say 12 AM, you mean 12 noon (the middle of the day)? When I made the calendar, I assumed that’s what you mean.

Yes i mean midday… :wink: - On October 29th, 30th and 31st, what times do you think you will you be available?

Well anytime, i will be on vacations so… Sorry for the post i said it will depend on the times but i forgot that i was on vacations… :confused: :smiley:

You also said that you were going to be visiting your dad and your brother during those days. Hopefully you’ll be able to use your brother’s computer if we do the commentary then. Currently everyone’s available on Oct 29th from 7:30 AM to 1 PM (France time) and on Oct 30th and 31st from 4:30 AM to 1 PM (France time).

4:30am is a little early i can’t get up at that time… :confused: