Triangolo D'Amore

Ta-da! It is finally here! This one has been a long time in the making, but it is mostly done now so I’m ready to start posting it up for your reading pleasure! For those who weren’t there during the time this story was brought up, I’ll explain. A while back (months :laughing: ) I was asked to write a Sally/Francesco/Lightning story, and with such encouragment I couldn’t turn the offer down. Plus, I don’t think we’ve seen any real fics based on this situation yet, so I’d love to be the first to take it on. :slight_smile: The title simply means “love triangle” and was suggested by our very own Ballboi, so kudos to him for that! I also did my best to make the chapters a good length, so here’s the first one to kick it off! Please read & enjoy. :smiley:

(Love Triangle)

CHAPTER ONE - “Invidia” (Envy)

“I love you too,” Sally murmured softly as her lips left those of her boyfriend. A smile covered Lightning’s bumper and he gazed adoringly back at her. The setting sun casted golden beams of light through the lobby window and Sally lost herself in the silence. It was a comfortable silence, one that could only be felt between emotionally bonded cars like themselves. The evening rays reflected off McQueen’s hood and brought out the lighter tints of blue in his eyes. It was moments like these that left her dazed and made her heart ache with unyielding desire for more.

He loved her. And it wasn’t that she didn’t believe him when he said it. He loved her more than she even thought possible, and she had the same feelings for him in return. So, if they were driving on cloud nine then why couldn’t he bring it full circle? They’d made it this far already, the only place from here was up. All she wanted was for him to make the move, to promise that they’d be together ‘til death did they part. It wasn’t a lot to ask, so what was stopping him from making her ‘Mrs. Sally McQueen’?

Lightning stared admirably at his girlfriend. He thought he heard a gentle sigh from her, but it was too quiet to tell it apart from her regular breathing pattern. He couldn’t help feeling bothered by it though. After more than four years he’d learned to pick up on her different behaviors, and this wasn’t in his cards. Lately she’d been exhibiting the more day-dreamy and distant side of herself. It was the latter that worried him. Sometimes it felt like she was drifting from him, that she was disinterested. Was it something he’d said? Or was it everything he didn’t say? Whatever it was, he’d have to pull her back down to Earth if he ever wanted to find out.

“Sally? I thought we were going to Wheel Well for dinner tonight?” he prompted.

“Hmm?” Sally’s eyes came back to him and she half-smiled. “Oh, yeah. Let’s go then.”

“So then Mater ends up lighting the whole thing on fire and…”

Sally could vaguely hear McQueen’s voice across the table from her. She sipped her drink casually until she heard an unfamiliar sound. McQueen’s voice dropped off as he too noticed the whirring engine.

The revving grew louder as its presider drew closer. Sally slowly let her eyes wander from McQueen to the approaching Formula One racer. Francesco Bernoulli…what female didn’t recognize him the second they laid sight on him?

Then out of the corner of her windshield she could see McQueen’s expression change. Jealousy? Envy? Anger? Or a mix of all three? She couldn’t tell just what it was. She heard him clear his windpipe in attempt to gather her attention but she chose to ignore. If she couldn’t be his wife then what harm could it do for him to feel a little jealousy? He didn’t own her in any way, and they were merely dating. Four years or not, it was still only dating.

“Lightning McQueen!” the Italian car bellowed, “Just the-a fellow Francesco was-a looking for!”

McQueen sighed with irritation and reversed from the table to face Francesco. He’d finally got Mater to stop interrupting his dates (much thanks to Holley), but now he was going to have to deal with this guy too? “Bernoulli, what are you doing back here in Radiator Springs?” he questioned.

“Ah, that is-a good question!” he exclaimed, then lowered his voice to a whisper, “Francesco is-a here to meet with his-a bambina.”

“Your what?” McQueen asked in an unimpressed manner.

Francesco chuckled, “Francesco has-a been exchanging letters with an American lady. He is-a here to meet her tonight-a.” He did an ever so slight lift of his windshield then smiled charmingly at Sally.

Noticing the flirty behavior of his ‘friend’, McQueen clenched his teeth with annoyance. “Then what are you talking to me for? Go find your bimbo or whatever you call her.”

Bambina,” Francesco corrected. “But-a there is-a one other thing. Francesco has-a…favour to ask of you.”

McQueen rolled his eyes and waited to hear the Italian’s preposition.

“I have-a not yet met this-a girl. Francesco was-a hoping that you and-a your bella Miss Sally would join for-a double date?” Francesco suggested, though it appeared he was only speaking to Sally.

“No,” McQueen replied curtly.

Sally’s eyes broke from Francesco’s gaze and she protested politely, “What? Why not, Stickers? It could be fun! We’ve went out with Mater and Holley before.”

McQueen shot her a look of disbelief. Did she really want to spend time with this egocentric racer? Maybe she did, but there was something about him that always made McQueen feel uneasy and uncomfortable. He would not let this date happen.

“We have plans!” he blurted at last. “We’re going to the drive-in to see another film. Remember, Sally? We’re going to see that movie you’ve been dying to watch.”

“Me? You’re the one who wants to see it so badly!” she said, shaking her hood.

McQueen scrambled to find his words. “What? You said you wanted to see it too!”

Sally exhaled, “Well, I don’t really. You know I hate gory movies. And I knew you would never want to see ‘The Queen’s Preach’ with me.”

Francesco’s eyes suddenly lit up and he interjected, “That is the exact-a film we have-a tickets to! Wouldn’t you-a like to see it, Miss Sally?”

McQueen gave Francesco another annoyed stare then looked to Sally. Her line of sight was on the ground as she mumbled incoherently. Finally some words came out as she started, “Well, if Lightning-.”

“We’ll go,” McQueen announced firmly.

Sally’s eyes jumped up at the strength behind his voice. What was she acting so surprised for? He was only trying to make her happy…

That was chapter one folks.  :slight_smile: As you can see, I like to encompass the Italian aspect to it. So each chapter will be titled in Italian and then translated in brackets beside it as done so in this chapter. I also used the words 'bambina' and 'bella' which are Italian as well. 'Bambina' is like calling a female 'baby' and 'bella' you can probably guess means 'beautiful'. I'd put this story on par with..."Personal Affairs". Only with better spelling and grammar.  :laughing: But you guys may feel totally different and think it is weaker or stronger, so I'd love to hear your thoughts! Oh, and I saw that my story "Family Tidings" was added to the 'most popular' section of the Cars stories on the index. *squeals* I'm so happy!  <img src="//" width="15" height="15" alt=":mrgreen:" title="Mr. Green"/> And my top secret story will still debut on Feb. 4th, I just happened to find some time amongst my exams and projects to get this typed up early. OK, enough from me, I want to know what my readers thought.  :slight_smile:

I liked it! Loved how you did Francesco’s accent in this. Can’t wait to read more. Nice little reference to one of my favorite movies The King’s Speech.

Oh, thanks for the kudos for the title suggestion! I appreciate it.

And you get first review again. :wink:

Thanks! The accent was half the reason it took so long. :laughing: Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that! That was the movie I was making reference to, even though I have never seen it! I just needed an easy and suitable parody name. 8D

You’re very welcome! You deserve it. :slight_smile:

Yep. I’m the first comment as always. I think you should check out that film! Definitely one of my favorites and deserved “Best Picture” last year at the AA. The parody was pretty creative, which was good.

You don’t know how excited I was for this story since we “nominated” you to write it. :wink: And I was right to be excited because I love it! <3

I love how you started the story, first of all. Interesting choice of first words, got me hooked from the start. :wink: The scene that followed was perfect in explaining where they were in their relationship and what not (I hope that made sense :laughing:)

:open_mouth: So many images. 8D

Is it bad of me to say that I just love the tension between Sally and Lightning that I’m starting to see in this story? :laughing:

First chapter down and I’m adoring what I’m reading. You know how stories have like different auras? Well, this one certainly has the aura of being full of romance and drama to the brim. New favorite story? :wink: As always, your writing was superb and the accent is really good! :-D) I can’t wait to read more, I’m going to get addicted to this story. <3

I loved the first chapter! Some great awkard moments with lightning and Sally. I loved the way you decribed the light reflecting on them at the start. Great first chapter.

Paulisha: Thanks so much! <3 An opening is always hard to write so I’m glad I had a good hook and set-up in your opinion. :smiley:

8D Well, this is Mater we’re talking about here. :wink:

No, that’s not bad of you to say, I know you love it. :sunglasses: I do myself too! Yes, I know what you mean by the aura thing. :slight_smile: I personally think this story is better than “Family Tidings” so hopefully I can make this your new favourite. :wink: Challenge accepted!

pixarmilan: Thank you!! I’m really pleased that you liked that description, I enjoyed writing it and had a strong image of it in my head. Hope you’ll continue to read! :smiley:

Chapter two is here! Please enjoy my good readers! :mrgreen:

[b]CHAPTER TWO - “Sveglio” /b

“Who do you think his date could be?” Sally asked quietly as she drove slowly at McQueen’s side.

“No idea,” he replied absent-mindedly, impatiently trying to move around the cars in front of them.

Sally contemplated making further conversation but decided to let it drop. She already knew he wasn’t too pleased to be spending the evening with his not-so-close and dashingly handsome friend. Instead she let him guide them through the crowd towards the row of parking spots Francesco had described earlier.

They had arrived to the theatre fashionably late, so McQueen simply scanned the drive-in in hopes of spotting Francesco. Even in the moonlight it was easy to find the flashy racecar. He recognized Francesco’s female counterpart at once and silently cursed his luck.

He approached the couple casually and greeted stiffly, “Hey there, Francesco. Nice to see you too, Mia.”

Sally suddenly slipped close to his side. She shot him “the look”. It was the look that told him he’d be sleeping in Cone 1 for a solid month if he dared park next to the former groupie.

“Lightning! And Sally, my-a lovely friend-a! Please, meet-a my date; Mia,” Francesco said, letting every syllable of her name roll seductively off his Italian tongue.

“Hey Lightning, and uh…Sally,” Mia smiled sweetly. She was now 22 years-old but her voice had still retained some of its shrill teenage pitch.

Sally returned a forced grin and surveyed the parking spots before her. They could sit to Mia’s right or Francesco’s left. She wasn’t feeling inclined to be any closer to the Miata then she already was, so she decided to park beside Francesco. McQueen settled at her side but not before sending daggers at his rival.

The artificial lighting dimmed around them as the trailers for upcoming movies began to play. Sally could sense that McQueen was still pouting and his childish behavior was starting to grind her gears.

“Why did we have to sit here?” McQueen hissed loud enough for her to hear.

“What do you mean? We’re here as a group, that’s why,” she explained.

He sighed. “What I meant was; why do you have to sit there?”

Sally’s eyes flicked to Francesco, then back to McQueen as she said, “Since when have you ever wanted to be near him?”

“Since he started making eyes at you. I bet he just wants to get under your trunk,” McQueen spat with annoyance.

“Under my-!” Sally gasped with disgust at the vulgar idea. “You’re being so immature, stop acting so jealous, really McQueen.”

“Me?” McQueen retorted, “Couldn’t you at least be courteous to his date? You think-.”

“Hey, married couple!” a male voice bellowed from behind them, “Shut up and watch the movie already!”

Married couple. Sally could only grit her teeth at the irony of it. She let her eyes rest on the movie screen but it was already too late, any potential enjoyment of their outing was long gone. Instead she focused on sitting the right distance away from Lightning; enough to show she was with him, but not enough to look attached to him.

Towards the end of the film, McQueen pulled his windshield open widely in attempt to stay awake. It wasn’t the time making him tired; he could stay out for hours doing crazy things with Mater in the latest parts of the night. No, it was the static and boredom that filled his mind which was putting him to sleep. He was mentally beating himself for even choosing to come on this stupid date.

He’d done it to make Sally happy…and what a success it was proving to be on that level. She hadn’t nuzzled him once (which was half the reason he paid $11 to get in), nor had she even flinched during the make-out scene (which typically resulted in them doing the same, and was the other half of his $11). The only thing he had to be grateful for was the fact that the movie prevented them from talking, something likely to end in fighting it seemed.

McQueen let out another gentle sigh of exasperation. He was unable to please her in any way these days. It was as if she wanted something he couldn’t give her. And it frustrated him how she expected him to know just what she wanted. The thoughts began eating away at his heart again and he slipped from his spot without a word. Perhaps by the time he got back from the refreshments the movie would be over.

He managed to kill 15 minutes by sucking down a slushy and was satisfied to find the credits already playing when he returned. Many of the cars had cleared from the lot and he headed over towards Sally. He stopped short when he caught sight of her.

She was exchanging smiles and laughter with none other than Francesco. He could see Francesco flailing his tires and speaking in his usual dramatic way. She appeared to be entranced by his vivacious and over-the-top nature.

It was McQueen’s immediate response to lunge forward with quick temper and interrupt the conversation. But he couldn’t help notice how content Sally looked to be talking with Francesco.

She said he was too jealous, too protective. So he hung back and let them be. He met eyes with Mia from across the theatre. She wore his feelings broadly across her face; bewildered and hurt.

There you have the second chapter! I just wanted to share some things with you...
"She hadn’t nuzzled him once (which was half the reason he paid $11 to get in), nor had she even flinched during the make-out scene (which typically resulted in them doing the same, and was the other half of his $11)."
This was just too funny not to write. Well, I don't know about you but it made me chuckle.  :laughing: 
"I bet he just wants to get under your trunk."
My best Cars-ifed phrase yet. This is like my favourite line from the first 5 chapters.  <img src="//" width="15" height="15" alt="8D" title="Chuckle"/> 

So, that's all I've got to say for now. The comments for the first chapter were wonderful so I hope you guys enjoyed this one as well. Thanks for reading!

That was good! This story is starting to become very interesting. This could possibly be my new favorite story from you as it could beat Family Tidings.

Yay! Improvement is the best thing I could ask for! Thanks Jordan! :smiley:

No problemo. :wink:

Great job! You handled this chapter extremely well, I love the way you had Lightning and Mia in a similar situation. I think this may be your best story yet.

Challenge accepted? Challenge done. It’s already my favorite. <3

I didn’t expect Mia at all to be Francesco’s date! But I love that it’s her; it’s creative.

I’d like to share some things with you that I just couldn’t ignore…

^^^ Hahahaha. :wink:

^^^ That is your best Cars-ified phrase yet! I kind of gasped at that one too. 8D

^^^ I laughed out loud on this one. 8D

^^^ You do know about me because I laughed too! It’s such a Lightning thing to think. Not even, it’s such a man thing to think. :wink: 8D

Anyway, I love the ending with Mia and Lightning. And overall, I loved this chapter! It was awesomely written and just full of creative genius. I also agree with pixarmilan about this maybe being your best story yet. Even after only two chapters, I can tell this story just seems so different. I don’t know what it is, I really don’t but I’m officially hooked! I can’t wait to see what happens next. <3

Woot woot! That’s an awesome compliment! Thank you!! :mrgreen:

Yussss! :sunglasses: And LOL! Glad I made you laugh at all those parts! :smiley: Can’t thank you enough! I’ll be gone all weekend so I’ll try to get the next chapter out on Monday. :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to it.

I’ve been a little MIA from Pixar Planet lately, or at least that’s how I feel. But I’m really caught up with exams and stuff this week so I haven’t got much time to spare. In fact, I’ve got to go BACK to school to get ready for my drama exam in about an hour, so wish me luck! I was able to find a moment to slip on here to update though, so I hope you guys will like it!

CHAPTER THREE- “Distanza” (Distance)

The next day McQueen didn’t wake until early noon. Falling asleep had been difficult with his mind running in a million directions. The events of the day had been flashing through his thoughts over and over. He couldn’t figure out what the invisible barrier between him and Sally was. Not for a second did he think that she didn’t love him, but he couldn’t understand what would make her happy anymore. He used to be able to light her eyes up, now it seemed that only one car could do that…Francesco.

McQueen stared into the bedroom mirror. Was it really the open-wheels thing? Did she want him to change? Or perhaps he’d simply become the old and unexciting boyfriend that no girl ever dreamed of. Gone were his feelings of jealousy, replaced with writhing insecurity. Francesco gave her things he didn’t even know how to offer, whatever those things were…

He left the house and made his way to Wheel Well. Between the Well and the motel Sally was kept plenty busy. But he liked to pull her away from all the work sometimes, just like she did for him when things got too hectic. Now that the town was thriving he had to be the one to slow her down.

He found her inside the Wheel Well discussing menu changes with one of the employees. He approached her side and touched her lightly. The drive home last night had been awkward and tense; he only hoped any hard feelings had passed.

She pulled away from her conversation gracefully and drove with him back outside. She waited patiently for him to speak.

“Hey…sorry about last night, Sal,” he said quietly.

She was silent for a moment, and then she replied, “I just think you were being a little possessive. You know I’m your girlfriend.”

“Yeah…but the way you guys were talking…” he answered meekly.

“What? Look, if you’re so worried about losing me to some other guy then why don’t you-,” she stopped abruptly and her eyes turned away.

Why don’t I what?! Tell me what you want Sally! I’m only trying to make you happy! I’m only trying to fix whatever is wrong! He wanted to cry his thoughts out but he just ventured, “What were you going to say?”

“I don’t know, just never mind,” she muttered breathlessly.

He thought he could hear her voice nearly break when she’d said ‘never mind’.

He wanted to question what she meant but he decided to move on. The distance between them was already spawning too fast and he didn’t want to miss his chance. “Why don’t we go out for a drive together? Ornament Valley maybe?”

Her eyes skimmed back up to him and for a minute there seemed to be a spark of interest behind them. He was throwing stones at the wall she’d put up, and he prayed this would be the one to break it, or at least make a hole.

“I can’t,” she told him, “There’s too much to do. Not today, Stickers.”

He tried not to let the hurt sweep his face. She almost never turned down such a personal activity. One drive together had changed their lives, and now she didn’t have the time for that.

He didn’t want to upset her though and acted like he wasn’t bothered. “Oh, OK. Yeah…I’ll just…go see what Mater is up to.”

“I’m sorry, Stickers,” she said, and while her eyes looked sympathetic the quick brush of her lips told a different story.

“It’s fine, I’ll see you later,” he returned and headed back on his own to town.

When he got back he caught Mater ending a telephone call at his shack beside the impound lot.

“Hey there, buddy! How’s it goin’?” the tow truck greeted him with his irreplaceable grin.

“Hey, Mater. I’m alright, what are you doing?” he dared to ask what mischief his friend was into now.

“Well…,” Mater looked around bashfully. “I was just talkin’ to Miss Holley, that’s all.”

McQueen chuckled at Mater’s sheepish behavior. “How is she doing?” he said curiously.

“She’s gettin’ off fer a break real soon! She said she’s gunna come down here ‘fore the end of the month!” Mater exclaimed happily.

McQueen smiled for his friend. It still blew his mind that this ‘imaginary girlfriend’ wasn’t so imaginary after all. He looked at the excited tow truck and felt a pang of sadness in his heart. Holley and Mater were thousands of miles apart from each other but they were still happy together. And Sally was so close to him, yet never had he felt so far apart from her…

My personal favourite part of this chapter- the metaphorical bit on throwing stones at a wall. Reminds me of when I wrote the metaphor in "Personal Affairs" about the match and gasoline, way back when. I don't know, it just makes me think of that even though they are different things.  :stuck_out_tongue: Can't wait to hear what you guys thought though, I'm shooting for Wednesday for the next chapter. Thanks for reading!

Pretty good. I can’t wait to check out what happens next with the three characters. Good luck on your exams! I have a couple to take this week.

I really enjoyed it! You showed them growing apart really well and an interesting ending too. Great job!

^^^ I just wanted to say that I liked this because I’ve always thought of it. :slight_smile:

^^^ This reminded me of the match metaphor from PA too! I love the imagery in it.

^^^ Now, this I love. <3

^^^ I love this too! It was so creative to include Mater and Holley like that. Plus, it was a fantastic last line for the chapter. <3

Nice job! :slight_smile: Pixarmilan’s right, you show Lightning and Sally growing apart like awesomely. :sunglasses: I can’t wait to read on and see what happens! :smiley: Good luck with your exams, I had to take those little devils last week. :stuck_out_tongue:

Jordan: Thank you! You too!

Great! I’m actually very pleased this aspect translated well, so thanks for letting me know! :slight_smile:

Paulisha: Thanks to all your comments! :smiley: I thought it was a nice link to make, so I’m glad you enjoyed it as well. I agree, it made for an easy way to close the chapter. Haha, funny how I’m good at tearing my favourite couple apart. Anyone else think there is something strange about that picture? 8D

Next chapter out tomorrow!!

I can’t wait to check that out. I also love your new avatar and signature. :smiley: