After two long nights of caturing and editing I finally have a tribute to our favorite hot

rod from the movie Cars for all you carfreaks to


[url=]Tribute to Lightening


I loved those screenshots, they’re amazing! :wink:
How did

you capture them?

My DVD player in my

computer can capture stills.

Holy cow, that is a lot of screencaps. You are

really determined. nice effort. Just currious, what DVD player did you use?

[size=92]Dude, I was smiling all the way

through that tribute! :smiley: [/size]

Wow – excellent work on capturing some nice screenshot moments from the film! I understand that we both have a

fondness for twisty roads… :wink:


nice screenshots, there! I like how you’ve managed to sort of tell the story of Cars using the best images


Which character do you pan to do next?

Intervideo WinDVD. Came with my HP computer

Mitch Ya I love twisty roads, Unfortunately there are not too many of them in


TSS- I think Red (fire truck) is next on the list.

[size=92]Red? OMG YES!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: (I love Red!)[/size]

Oh sweet! I have that too. Now I can use it to capture

frames of the Cars DVD.

Well for some

reason my computer didnt let me see all the pics. But I did like the ones I could see. I certainly wish mine

could do that!

That is wierd. maybe you need to give it a few seconds of a full minute for all the pics to

load up.

Who do you plan on tributing next?

And how long does it take for you to do this?

I am done with tributes, but if

people want certain still shots from movies I’d be happy to do that for them.

How long does it take? It

depends… the actual capturing takes seconds, but it is finding that perfect moment that takes a


Setting up the website takes about ten mintues or so.

I spent about two nights on the

Lighten McQueen tribute.

I absolutely love that tribute!! :smiley: Good job!


Well, if you say you are don, then you are done. It was fun though. It was so exciting

just to wait for the next one. Still, you have done a marvelous job.


I get bored I might do more, I was thinking of doing multiple characters or favorite sheen shots from a


Oh please do! BUt at your consent. I would love to request the Incredibles. BUt if you

do Cars, the why not do Sally?