Tribute to Red

This will be my last tribute and it goes to my third favorite character from the

movie CARS. I think Red’s character has had a deeper impact on me because of the unfortunate death of Joe Ranft.

I was also a little disappointed Pixar did not show Red’s character in the credits when they dedicated the movie

to him.

Thus I will dedicate this [url=]Tribute to Red in memory of Joe


[size=92]Awww wow, that is amazing! I love Red. He’s so adorable. ^_^[/size]

Heheh – you know, he even looks like Joe Ranft a little

bit. Nice screenshots, aZnCdn. I love 'em, especially that last one. :wink:

wow, now once again, you have dispalyed incredible fandom. I must say. You obtaining all of those screencaps

have proven yourself worthy of a true Cars fan.