Trouble making an account

I recommended this site to a friend on another forum, and she couldn’t seem to get the answer right for the security question during registration. Any help?

Ugh, that thing is the WORST! When I first signed up, I had to try literally, like, 30 times before it made my account.

If the mods could make it a bit easier, that would probably help a lot of people.

LOL same, like I tried signing up 20 times before it actually worked xD

You just have to keep trying until you get it right, and maybe you’ll get lucky. It took forever before I finally got it, but it is possible.

Yeah, like that registration process was seriously one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do to date. I had to repeat it so many times, I thought that it hated me or something! xD

Tell her to not give up! Persevere and never fear! (Haha, that was really lame)

I had a friend a while ago who was interested, and she tried signing up but it wasn’t working. She just sort of forgot about it…

Yeah, I tried to get someone to sign up here once but they couldn’t survive the verification thing. It should be something like, “what is the name of Pixar’s first film?” or something; I’ve seen that on other forums. Or maybe just one of those jumbled letter generator things.

I agree, there have probably been countless potential members who have been put off by this registration thingy and just gave up in the end. It’s definitely something that should be changed at some point, if possible.

I really hate that security question. I just had NO idea what it meant and the fact that you only had a few registration attempts didn’t help the cause so I had to keep switching between my PC and DSi. Since I have a short temper, I began to get really frustrated. Eventually, I figured it out and managed to successfully register in the end. Still, they need to change the question to something a little easier. >__>

What is the question? I don’t even remember. : P

I tried to join in early 2008, but the question was too hard for me. It took me a week to create the account I’m on now :stuck_out_tongue:

I only had to attempt the sign-up process once, but it was a PAIN! :smiley:

Especially searching for the right numbers with my face up close to my monitor. :wink: