TSS's Fan-Made Videos

Well, since this thread is for Music videos, I thought it might be a good idea to make this topic for specificly my Music videos.

(Mods: I know I have a topic where all of my MVs were posted, but that topic was supposed to be fore everyone since we didn’t have a Fan Video subforum until now.)

Anyways, here I shall post links to my fan-made MVs.

Here is the first one. It was the first ever Music video I have ever made. I used the song “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” from Mulan. The movie clips are from my favorite movie of all time, the Incredibles. I hope you all enjoy. Please leave comments. I love to hear what you guys have to say.

And now, without further ado, My First Incredibles Music Video

Nice! MY EYES ARE BEING FRIED BY THE 60Hz SCREEN at 1900x1200 BECAUSE I AM WATCHING SOEM HD CONTENT!!! AAAGGH!! The video is here on meh meter


Thanks for your meh meter WALL-E. Can you point out some pros and cons from your perspective about my MV?

Hi Star Swordsman, I love that mv, that song fit so well it could have been in the movie! I can’t believe that was your first one, normally they shouldn’t go that well! :laughing: I also saw some of your other videos, my favourite is the Syndrome mv with Crush 40, DANG that was good!!

You’re a pro at this! :sunglasses:

The Wall•E•Dude.

Thanks Wall-E Fude. I am going to post another video in the near future so you can comment somemoe.

It didn’t totally blow me away, and I think you could have used transitions a bit more, as at some points, it was very abrupt. you cold have put a fade out at the end aswell, at that does cut straight off.

Well, I am usually the kind of person that likes abrupt transitions. I want to capture them right at the moment, and just after they settle in , switch to the next clip. It keeps the energy going.

As for the ending, I wanted to end with a BANG!, not a bang (okay going now, bye bye!) The ending is what is supposed to get everyone jumping out and cheering.

Well I just think It’s too abrupt ending. But nevertheless it was good.

Thanks WALL-E. You can expect another MV sometime in the near future.

Set yourself a 6-hour challenge :smiley:!

I would, but I find that quality takes time. THat is why most of my MVs take about 7 days.

Heheheh - oh, I love it, TSS. The way you married the lyrics with the images from the film was simply ingenious. You did just a fabulous job with it. :smiley: :wink:

Hey TSS, just saw your profile and the your first video. I loved it! I liked how you tried to match the video to the lyrics and succeeded. I usually take that approach with my music videos too, just watch 2007 in Film and The Ultimate 2008 Summer Movies Music Video (I have both the Original and Improved Version, with the Improved Version synching Wall-E to the line “Hello, dolly!”).
Anyway, I can understand how difficult it is to synch a specific clip to a line from the lyrics, so that was quite an achievement to have done close to every line from the song!
Only qualm I would have is I would have to agree with WALL·E on the abrupt ending. It would be better, IMHO, if you’d kept the abrupt ending, cut the music to silence, and then slowly did a fade in to a credit title card (with your name, maybe the movie it came from in case somebody for some reason or other didn’t know or bother to read the vid description, and the song title), then do a slow fade out. Nothing hurts with a little self-promotion, and people can either sit in awe or clap for your name on screen, instead of thinking the streaming stopped only to realise that it is indeed the end of the vid, get what I mean?
Alternatively, you could cut the music earlier and leave that shot of the Incredibles posing in their fighting stance for a few seconds, and then cut to black, or a slow fade out.
But hey, great job!
Oh yeah, and I agree with you on the ‘quality takes time’ bit. I’m kind of a perfectionist, my vids can take from a few days to a few weeks (of course, not continuously in one sitting, but spread out over many sessions). I’m really slow and meticulous, obsessing over each individual frame to get the timing just right before I move on, so yeah, I know how it feels.
Sorry if I rambled on a bit, it’s an annoying tendency of mine. :smiley:

Thank you for your comments thedriveintheatre.

I see what you mean by a credit roll at the end, but the thing is, I think I have given credit to the movie and music in my description. But i understand what you mean.

Time to post a new music video.

THis one is about my favorite characters: VIolet Parr. This music video is a storytelling music video, displaying Violet’s transformation from a Shinking Violet into a Blooming Violet. The Song is called “Believe in Myself”, sung by Karen Blake, from the SOnic Adventure OST.

And so, enjoy my Violet Parr Music Video

I love reivews and comments, so please feel free to say what ever you wish.

All your videos are added a year ago!


It was good, abruptness still!

WALL-E: I know, a year ago seems like a really long time ago.

Which parts felt abrupt to you?

0:15 to 0:17
0:56 to 0:59
1:06 to 1:12 < It’s a bit jumpy as if there were bits missing.

But 25k Views… Well done!

I don’t think it is abrupt (however it is your opinon). But I will have my resonses for each part you say is “abrupt”

00:15-00-17: I will say that the reason why my transitions are sudden is to start out the MV with an energetic umph. Fading in would lag it too much. I tried fading in with it durring that time frame as a transition, but it never worked out for me. I hated it. Besides, this is a story telling MV, I wanted to get right to the point.

00:56-00:59: The plane clip for “fly high” was to add a little dash of humor in this MV. It may have been random, but it made a little difference, and a little can go a long way.

01:06-01:12: I did that to only capture Violet’s essance. If I added any other character(s) when the MV is about her, those others would create some sort of distraction. (The begining is an exception as it provides example)

Well… That’s up to you.