TSS's Incredible Siggys

After seeing a lot of people express their creative side by posting amazing siggys, and after having to make some myself for my music video, I thought that I should try and break out of my shell.

So I hope you guys enjoy my first couple batch of siggys. (The first few tell a story. But I might try doing other things later on down the road.)

All comments, suggestions, and criticisms are welcomed.

Here is the next one: A story of Dash and the search for a birthday present for his big sister Violet. This is for my best friend Violet Parr as she has a birthday coming up really soon. I hope you laugh and enjoy this.

Here is another story. This one was actually my first one in celebration of summer.

Backstory is I have at a pool party with my friends. And one of my favorite things do do while I’m at the pool is dunk people. So, here is a little story of Violet and Dash playing in the water.

I love them all, TSS! Thanks again for the great Birthday gift :slight_smile: ! I like that you’re acting out mini-stories with them. That’s very different and unique. I’d like too see more of that! It gives your graphics so much more personality. And I like how the second one is based on somthing from your real life. That’s yet another good way of bringing more feeling into your graphics. You’re doing very well for just starting out! I’m very impressed. Actually, you gave me the idea to use a little inside-joke of my own for a siggy :wink: . Thanks for that!

Great job so far! I can’t wait to see what you’ll cook up next!

I love the bird one. So funny. :laughing:

Wow, this is like an extended version of the ‘Captions Game’ (I mean this in a good way)! :smiley: Love your sense of humour, I’d like to see more of these ‘comic strips’… the possibilities are endless!

Thanks for all of the complements you guys. I can’t wait to post more.

That is so coo! TSS!.
You should have a blog to keep all these comics online for everyone to enjoy!

Thank you gleefan! I’m glad you like them.

Hee Hee, that was funny

“A bird? I must be the luckiest girl in the world!”

Hey, TSS :smiley: ! I was wondering, do you ever plan on doing more of these? If you’re busy, I understand. I was just asking.