Turn off signatures.


Most of the other forums that I frequent have as option to turn off the user signatures. It is usually in the preferences. I usaullly like to set it so that signatures are only shown the first time each user posts in a topic.

I don’t see that option on this forum. Is it available?

I think the options are to have your siggy in all of posts or no siggy iin all of your posts. So far, the only option I see that might help is the “Always Attach my signarture” choice.

I don’t know if this applies to anyone else, but when I post something in a thread, on the bottom I see these 5 choices to check or uncheck:

-Disable HTML in this post
-Disable BBCode in this post
-Disable Smilies in this post
-Attatch Signature
-Notify be when a reply is posted

By checking the “Attatch Signature”, the signature automatically follows the post.
By unchecking “Attatch Signature”, the post will leave out the signature.

You are missing the point. I don’t want to see everyone else’s signatures.

I don’t even have a signature set up.

Do you use Firefox? I could easily write a Grease monkey script to hide all the sigs. That’s about your only option though.

Yes, I do.

There is no need to write my own script. I found this: userscripts.org/scripts/show/26289