TV Shows You Watch

I had a topic on this long time ago, it has since been locked :stuck_out_tongue:

My fav TV shows are Law & Order and all it’s spin offs, Dexter’s Laboratory (I don’t think it is on anymore), Simpsons, South park, and Family Guy.

A show I am watching right now is called Puzzle. It is a J-Drama about a teacher who solves mysteries with her top three students. Really funny and enjoyable. Keeps you on the edge of your seat and encourages you to try to solve the puzzle.

Lets see…my regular day schedule runs me into a few favs…
Family Guy
South Park
The Drew Carey Show
Who’s Line Is It Anyway
I Love Lucy
Star Trek

On specials we have…
Death Note
Blue Dragon (UGH…kept missing it for three weeks now, they only show it one day -_-)

I mostly like to watch
The Office, and The Simpsons

Recently, all I have been watching is the Cosby Show - one of the best TV programs ever made! :smiley: The last episode was when there was a snake loose in the house. I gotta be honest, I was nearly rolling on the floor because I was laughing so hard! 8D

I really miss all of the old nickelodeon game shows. Anyone remember those? Shows like Nickelodeon Guts, GLobal guts?

What channel was it on? It’s like, NEVER on over here in Mountain Time (maybe it’s just my DISH). But yeah, the snake one was HILARIOUS! 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D

A113 - It was on “My 45” I believe (we only have 4 working channels at my house, so it shouldn’t be that hard to remember :unamused: ) Yeah, channel 45, early in the morning. :smiley:

TSS - I know what you mean. What was that one show, where they had to guess at a phrase or sentence or something, and if they screwed up they got slime dumped on them (among other things)?

Firefly: I think the show you are talking about is called “Figure it Out”

Aah, Frasier. I’ve actually become really obsessed with it really, mainly because of Niles (David Hyde Pierce, who I recently realised voiced Slim in A Bug’s Life!) He makes me laugh so much.

The Apprentice is starting to wind itself up, now. There are only a few candidates left, but to say that they’re the cream of the bunch makes you realise just how poor all of the candidates were this year.

LG: OMG I never noticed that! Let’s see, Kelsy Grammer, TS2; David Hyde Pierce, ABL; Did Jane Leeves do any voices in Pixar movies? xD

A113- Wait, Kelsey Grammer was in Toy Story 2? He was the Prospector, wasn’t he? I don’t believe I only just realised that! :laughing: Still, David Hyde Pierce for the win.

LOL i know just how you feel, LG. xD

Well, I finally caught an episode of My Name is Earl - it’s pretty funny, but I wish it were on more often - I never seem to catch it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh and last night I was watching That 70s Show, though it gets annoying to me because they’re constantly airing the same reruns throughout the week. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah, the Eurovision song contest. The one time a year where we British can feel truly hated by the rest of Europe. :stuck_out_tongue:

Winner- Russia, on around 300 points
Losers- the UK, on 14 points.

I hoped that for the first time, we might get nil points, but alas, some countries felt sorry for us and put a few points our way. Ah well. There’s always next year to fail miserably and watch all of the Eastern Europeans vote for each other to stop any oil flows from being cut off, or something like that. :laughing:

Sorry for the double post, but I just had to mention that today, I watched an episode of Frasier that had John Ratzenburger guest staring!

Yay for connections with Pixar! :smiley:

The Oprah Winfrey Show (if I’m at home when it’s on)
Tom Goes to the Mayor
The Simpsons (classic eps)
[i]The Office /i
The Price is Right (US version) - if only for the contestants that go absolutely crazy when they get a chance to play Plinko or to play for a new car, or even just to go up on stage, heh.
Family Guy
South Park
Inspector Rex

Been watching alot of Disney’s Kim Possible lately - I seem to be addicted to the whole “You can do anything, girl power rules” motto. :smiley:

My little siblings have got me into the show Hell’s Kitchen. I find it really, really intresting and exciting at the same time.

TSS- Tried to watch that show (I like cooking and drama combined) but there were one too many BEEPs for my taste (pardon the pun).
Seriously though, if Cowell and Ramsey were to face off, Ramsey would walk away with the trophy - Cowell is honest, but Ramsey is just plain cruel! :astonished: