two Pixar films in 2012?

I was just listening to the new Radio Pixar and heard that Pixar was planning on releasing two movies a year. Does this mean there will be another Pixar film accompanying newt in 2012?

I’m pretty sure Pixar is producing 1906, or something like that. :confused:

Yep, 1906. The first live-action film (and, naturally, the first non-CGI project) that Pixar will be producing. Directed by Brad Bird. It’s going to be a treat seeing the magic of Pixar producing a non-CGI film!

Cars 2 is said to come out in 2012 too…
I guess we will have to wait a while for solid release dates.

1906 and John Carter of Mars are most likely not bearing the Pixar brand, though Brad Bird and Andrew Stanton are directing and Pixar is involved. Because they decide the Pixar brand is for animation. 1906 is likely with Disney/Warner Bros. and 2012 is a bit soon.

They once said they’re trying 3 movies every 2 years, that means a movie one year, and 2 the next year, starts with Cars 2 and The Bear and the Bow in 2011.

So I believe there’s just Newt in 2012 that can really count as a Pixar film. Maybe we can expect the announce of their next films sometime near the release of Newt. 2013 will have 2 Pixar films.

And please no more sequel.

I agree, no more sequels! I hope for more original stories!

But I hope we don’t have to wait 'til 2012 for the announcement of new Pixar-movies!

I knew one of these upcoming years was gonna have 2 movies. I just couldnt remember which one.

But what about the rumored ‘Brave’ and ‘Monsters 2’ ???

I thought that it was gonna be Cars 2 in 2011 and Newt and The Bear and the Bow in 2012. I may be wrong about the last two. But I know for a fact Cars 2 comes out in 2011.

Cars 2 and TBATB will be released in 2011. Newt will probably be the only 2012 Pixar film.

Also TS2, “Brave” was confirmed to be a code name for Bear and the Bow.

Oh God. I sense Pixar is going to be the studio that begins with letter ‘D’.

Praying that everything will gonna be O-K

According to IMDb(and I don’t know how accurate this is, considering that anyone with a paid-up IMDb Pro account can edit or upload information), Monsters, Inc. 2 is slated for a 2012 release, rather than 2013, so that would make it the second Pixar release of that year. That site has already set up a page for this sequel, but most of the information available, what little there actually is, is only available to those with the Pro account, which you have to pay for, so I can’t view anything else on it.


I am sooooo confused can someone give me a list of whats comming out in what year only by pixar :question: :confused:

Toy Story 3 - Summer 2010
Cars 2 - Summer 2011
Bear and the Bow - Winter 2011
Newt - 2012 (winter?)

I just thought that Monsters 2 and Newt would be in 2012. As for Pixar producing 1906 (hehe, the relation to my name is PURE coincidence btw), I’m a tad bit annoyed. I love that they’re an animation studio, and them doing a live action movie just kinda strikes me as odd. Not mad or anything, but it’s just kinda weird. Bugs me a bit.

As for sequels, I don’t mind. TS2 was pretty solid, and it wasn’t even supposed to be a theatrical movie for a long time. It does suffer a bit from that, but it’s pretty good. Cars 2 irks me a tad, just because I didn’t think Cars was up to par with Pixar in terms of story. The animation and production values are PHENOMENAL, but the story seemed a bit thin imo. I thought Pixar would have made a different choice for their 2nd sequel. Still, it’ll probably be good, and I’m definitely watching it. :smiley:

Monsters 2 should be great, the first one was solid. I’m not sure if Pete is directing again, but he did amazing with Up. It should really shine if he does the writing again, I haven’t really looked into the people working on it yet.

I think Incredibles, maybe Bug’s Life, Nemo, Ratatouille would all make great sequels. Up would be good, but finding a plot to continue would be a bit tough, and this might seem insensitive, but Ed would have to still be in working shape. I just wanna see more of all the characters, I’ve become really attached to them. :smiley:

I think Andrew Stanton said at one point, “If Nemo gets lost again, it’s his own dang fault” or something along those lines. I doubt we’ll ever see a Nemo sequel.

I’m a little apprehensive about the all-but-confirmed Monsters sequel. Where do they take it? Since Monsters, Inc. became a laugh factory, I’m having trouble wrapping my head around what the idea is for it.

In Pixar we trust, though, right?

Well maybe these aliens invade and… and the monsters of Monstrolpolis have to help fend off the invasion! Haha. Nah.

I’m just gonna say that I’m fine with sequels. As long as the stories are good and inspired. It’s Pixar! They’re not going to make a sequel for the sake of just, well, making a sequel! Toy Story 2 in my opinion was better than the first! I just hope they don’t start to rely on sequels and I don’t think that will happen. They haven’t made a sequel since TS 2. We’ve got “Newt” and “Bear and the Bow” on the way. Both are great new ideas.

LOL Seriously?! That’s hilarious. xD

Anyways, I’ve been wondering about this too. Monsters 2 is a very probably guess with all the hints AND the fact that we don’t know what it is yet makes me wonder wjat Disney has to hide. >.> <.<

Monsters, Inc 2 has been pushed back to 2013. So Brave is the only Pixar Animation Studios feature of 2012.