UmbraeNacht's fan art (Ratatouille)

It’s Ratatouille. In the darkness.

Well, I don’t see anything UmbraeNacht. But i think it

is cool that you are gonna post some fanart up. I can’t wait to see it.

Welcome to Pixar Planet by the

way. :wink:

Thanks. I’ll have some up soon! Look forward to ghosts, zombies, the other

worlds, and various creatures of the night!

Ratatouille pluse ghosts and zombies? Intresting combination. It will be intresting to see.

As soon as I figure out how, the first one will be up shortly. … leRemy.jpg

Well, I think it is pretty cute for a skeleton remy. It would be a cool Halloween picture. Really nice UmbraeNacht.

Domo! His design was based on SkeleAnimals. The dolls. They’re the

cutest! … kinner.jpg">Gothing Spree

Nice to see you at the forums, UmbraeNacht! :smiley: Nice

artwork, too- such a sweet, yet creepy, concept!

Thanks! Creepy’s my shtick! How do you get one of those signature banners, anyway?

Very, um…interesting, dude. :laughing:
Welcome to PP, btw. :sunglasses:

UmbraeNacht- Just design one,

stick it on Photobucket, and put the link into your profile, and it should work! :smiley:

I think the Skinner zombie one was
absolutely adoreable. I like it so much. “Dominion over this realm.” Really funny too. Nice work! Can’t wait to see more. … syours.jpg

Thanks! I love Skinner to death.

Heh, heh. If he was real, I’d follow him to the otherworlds. I could totally see him pledging his eternal

devotion to me.He’s my buggaboo! And I’d be his praying mantis. He’d ward off intruders from my room by

telling them about how scary I am! Standing in front of my huge bedroom door, clutching the chains and padlock,

face devoid of all color, he’d pull the intruders down to his face and regale them with vivid tales of the

horrible things inside. And then, I’d give him my infamous Last Breath hug! It’s a hug so tight and

affectionate, that I only let go when he turns blue!

Oooh, creepy picture! Skinner looks so cute as a ghost. … sdayMe.jpg

Aww, those two characters look really cute! I think that picture explains pretty well

your love for skinner.

Thanks! I was hoping it would. The female of the species is larger and more deadly than the male. At least, with us!

Nice drawing! I love the expression on his face. :smiley: