Up and Hayao Miyazaki

Is it just me or was this movie one giant tribute to Hayao Miyazaki? While I was watching it, I was constantly thinking, “That is totally something he would do.” We all know that Pixar looks up to Studio Ghibli, especially John Lasseter. Plus a few Pixarians have been in charge of the dubbing of his movies into English.

Some examples:

  1. Miyazaki is obsessed with flying machines. And it doesn’t even have to be your standard airplane. (Though his obsession stems from his dad building airplanes). The concept of using balloons to fly a house wouldn’t too far fetched for him to use.

  2. [spoil]Dogs flying airplanes. Miyazaki made a whole movie about a pig who flies a plane. This isn’t too far off.[/spoil]

  3. The amount of action in this movie was comparable to the action in his films, especially ones like Princess Mononoke. Real life threatening situations, a genuinely threatening villain, and even the use of [spoil]blood[/spoil].


I thought I heard some where that Pete Docter was inspired by Howl’s Moving Castle and they’re both about old people…

Well, Up is defintely as original and imaginative as one of Mr. Miyazaki’s films. That’s really the only relation I can find between the two.

Might be, although I’m not too familar with Hayao Miyazaki. Welcome to the forums by the way.

I’ve always seen the Miyazaki resemblance in this movie, and after re-watching Howl’s Moving Castle a few days ago, I can safely say he must’ve left a big impression on Pixar for this one :slight_smile:

In HMC, there’s a little boy living in the house who acts as Howl’s assistant, his name is Markl. Sophie’s relationship with him in her elderly state reminds me a lot of Russell and Carl!

Well, Lasseter is a fan of Miyazake, I wouldn’t be suprised if Docter is as well. I wouldn’t say it’s a tribute or a rip off, just similar tastes I suppose.

Yeah, I know I’ve heard lots of times of much JL looks up to Miyazaki, but I’ve only ever seen one or two of his films (Spirited Away I love). It makes sense, but really there’s never been anything like Up before, it’s so original. That’s just me though :smiley:

I’ve never seen a Miyazaki film.

I definitely see the similarities, the ones you pointed out, as well as some others. But it doesn’t bother me. I like similarities between things like.

They really do have fantastic storytelling and animation values, even if you’re no fan of anime you may enjoy them. :smiley: (I know several people who have utter disdain for Japanese animation but still like his movies)

I honestly wish I had seen them as a child. I mean, I only saw them recently, but they are amazing. Just the imagery alone could make me cry, without the plot. But I haven’t seen one I don’t love.

But, is this really surprising? As Spirit of Adventure says, Miyzaki is Pete Docter’s idol.