Up Awards

I hope that Up will win many awards in the upcoming Up movie. Tell me what you think.

The movie hasn’t been released yet (unless you were lucky enough to attend a test screening?), so a bit hard to judge whether it should win an Academy Award at this stage… but not to let this thread go to waste, I’ve turned it into a ‘sticky’ and we can discuss all Up awards it eventually will be nominated/win in the future. :wink:

I was about to say, ‘wow, Up’s won awards already? It MUST be good!’ :laughing: But yes, I’m sure it will do well in the awards side of things as most previous Pixar films have. :smiley:

Not quite an Up award yet, but [spoil]Dug won The Palm Dog[/spoil] award at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. Cute. link

The chances of “Up” getting a Best Picture Oscar nomination just got bigger. Next year there will be 10 nominees in this category!

Yes!Yes!Yes! I just saw this news story online, and my first thought was, “This is it! This is the year!” Now, it’s still possible that the Academy will find a way to nominate 10 movies without including “Up” in the big category, but they are going to get a lot of grief from the critics and fans if they do. Although I think Up deserves the Best Picture nomination on its own merits, it can’t hurt that there was a lot of talk last year about Wall-E deserving a Best Picture nomination that it didn’t get. With the momentum generated by Ratatouille and Wall-E and now Up, surely it’s time to acknowledge the Power of Pixar!!!

The only down side is, now I’ll have to stay up for the whole show…

i think they’ll gonna give the trophy to Pixar. for sure.

wannabechef91. Can someone recommend me good video editing software, please? My Movie Maker crashed suddenly.

Best Animated Film, Film of the Year (Trek’s gonna be close, but I’m hopeful), Soundtrack? (if it exists, never payed attention to movie awards), just basically whatever it’s nominated for.

Best Animated Feature (why am I not surprised?), nothing coming up this year seem’s like it’s going to top UP. And if it get’s nominated for Best Movie of the Year, I’m happy at that

Best Original Score - Michael Giacchino - Up.


Best Original Score - Michael Giacchino - Star Trek

Hehe, yeah, I forgot he did Star Trek. Imagine if both got nominated! (I don’t think that’s possible though) That’d put Mike in a pretty strange spot, 2 chances for the award! :smiley:

yeah…talk about double winning…

I think Up still has to be the favorite for Best Animated Feature. I would also expect it to get a nomination for Best Original Screenplay (as several Pixar films have). Not sure if Giacchino could/would get two score nominations this year, but I think Up is the more likely nomination for him, just because so many of the glowing Up reviews have mentioned his score, particularly in relation to the Carl & Ellie montage. I will say, I’ve already seen Up mentioned a couple of times as a film that could certainly benefit from the expanded Best Picture field. I just think that, if the Academy has 10 nominees and still manages to exclude the super-genius Pixar movie of the year from the Best Picture category, they are going to have some ‘splainin’ to do!

No joke. I will be insulted if it doesn’t make it. It really stands out in quality from what I’ve seen this year.

Its already made about 250 million dollars in the box office in the U.S, in 4th place for Pixar movie money count. It will definitely beat Monsters Inc. because its only 5 million ahead of it. And once its past 255 million its only another 6 million from beating The Incredibles and sealing the #2 spot on Pixar’s movies about Money. It wont be #1 Pixar movie Beating Finding Nemo at 339 million dollars is impossible at where it is now. BUT it is definitely going to be one of the TOP 2 or 3 pixar movies

Hey guys! Austin Film Critics results are in! Up lost to The Hurt Locker for best picture (anybody seen this? It’s been sweeping a lot of trophies) BUT won not only bext animated film, but also best score! Full list of winners here: altfg.com/blog/awards/austin … -2009-788/

Up won best animated film? AND BEST SCORE?


Congrats Pixar :smiley:

Heck yes! Props to MG and Pixar for that! Definitely deserves it.

Detroit Film Critics Society picked Up for Best Picture AND Pete Docter for Best Director!

Also, got the new Entertainment Weekly in the mailbox today, and film critic Lisa Schwarzbaum chose Up as her #2 film of the year (after “The Hurt Locker”). In addition, she has Coraline as her #3, and Fantastic Mr Fox as #6. (Her fellow EW critic, Owen Gleiberman, has Mr Fox at #7, with no Up nor any other animation - I think I’ve had issues with Owen in the past. :unamused: ) Up also made the Movie Soundbites list, with a pic of Dug with the quote, “My master made me this collar. He is a good and smart master, and he made me this collar so that I may talk- Squirrel!” :smiley:

Just imagine if it was like that at the Oscars.

That would be so EPIC! :smiley:

Well, as Mr. Potatohead said: “Hey, I can dream, can’t I?”