Up Commentary on My Podcast

Well I just wanted to throw this out there on PP; had no idea there was anyone else doing commentaries, let alone an entire sub-forum!!!

Anyhow, a friend and I do a movie commentary podcast where we make films a little more fun to watch, and for our second episode did one for Pixar’s ‘Up’! You might be extra interested as it was my co-host’s first time watching the film :smiley:

As it is our second episode it’s a little rough around the edges, but I think it turned out pretty well and is a fun watch overall. Be sure to check it out at [url]http://www.kashifpasta.com/post/270060038/so-in-addition-to-our-show-now-being-on-itunes[/url] or http://sickfeats.mevio.com!

We’re not a Pixar podcast, but have also recorded a Wall•E episode that’ll be out in a couple of weeks (next episode is Raiders of the Lost Ark)

Apologies if this is breaking any of the forum rules; I’m really new here, so just let me know and I can take this post down if need be. Again, I had no idea that there was any sort of community around this, which is awesome, but I’d hate to offend!

Finally! More commentaries on Pixar films to listen to! I can’t wait to hear your the ones you’ve recorded. :smiley: But first I’ve got to go shovel snow…

Not bad Kashif. :slight_smile: The Up commentary is just a little explicit though. Also it gets a little out of sync somewhere in the middle (sometime before [spoil]Carl discovers that Ellie has put more photos in her adventure book[/spoil]).

Thanks for listening, qxgnxamy!

I prefer making everything clean and G-rated; just trying to get my partner to be the same.

Thanks for letting me know, I’ll change the tag to explicit on iTunes and take a look at the syncing…

Oh and i forgot to post this when it went up last week, but the Wall•E episode of the podcast (recorded before the one for Up) has been released too!

Check it out on iTunes

or in your browser

or hit up the direct mp3 link