Up/Disney-themed engagement photos

omg you guys, how cute are these photos? Aren’t they just vintage and magical?

You can also view Lady and the Tramp, Alice in Wonderland and Roger Rabbit engagement photos at the source.


They are. I like the mailbox one. Who are they?

I dunno. Just two people in love who like Up, I guess. The information on the original page says this:

“Lynnette and James’s favorite movie is Up, so they tied in the whimsical details and elements from the movie to their engagement photo shoot. In case you’re unfamiliar with the movie: The main characters, Carl and Ellie, were childhood sweethearts who had dreamed of going to Paradise Falls. When Ellie passes away before they could make the trip, Carl ties thousands of balloons to his house to fulfill their promise. James’s grape soda badge and, of course, the house make special appearances!”

Don’t worry, I’m familer with it, it’s one of my favorite Pixar movies.

OMG that is totally adorable! Thats great they each like UP so much they were each willing to recreate that

Omg these are really beautiful pictures, they have a very 1960’s vintage feel to them. How nice <3

Arn’t Carl and Ellie to tall? :laughing:

Those pictures are absolutely darling, I love the vintage feel of them.

I’ve seen these before. They’re indeed quite adorable. I actually mentioned to my boyfriend (we both agree that we don’t want to get married while still in school) that I would like an Up-themed wedding, but he seems to think it would be tacky and like a child’s birthday party… Really, I just want it to be like these pictures! Young at heart, vintage feeling, etc.

I understand where your bf is coming from, but I think these pictures proove that you can have a more mature, dignified and vintage cartoon themed wedding, when done right.

Those are awesome photos.

They are so cute. <3