Up - Fan Trailer

Alright, I don’t usually do fan videos, but I had a lot of good ideas for this one. Basically, it’s my ideal Up trailer. I didn’t include any audio from the movie, just trailer music (I used the Forrest Gump theme for most of it, but the Up theme plays for the beginning part.) I uploaded it off of my main Youtue channel in case it gets in trouble with copyrights. Another thing; sorry if I’m not allowed to post this since the footage is taken from a pirate version of Up. Finally, I apologize for a few all errors in the editing (about 3), these were mainly caused by the way that WMM processes videos; I didn’t forsee them while I was making it.

So, enjoy. But note: SPOILER WARNING!!!


Thats awesome man! Good stuff! I like the music choice.

That was absoultely one of the best Up videos I have ever seen. I really felt it inside. It was so powerful and so moving, yet your editing of the video made the transitions from clip to clip so flawless. Very well done. I give it a perfect 5/5

I agree whole-heartedly with TSS on this one. Definitely superb, the best Up fan vid I’ve seen. I think the Jap Trailer is a bit better, but just BARELY. (and probably because of the voice work thrown in, that put the nail in my coffin)

Excellent job Bryko, you nailed it.

Lots of spoilers though, hehe

Great job. Love the character transition!

However, I know this kinda harsh, but it’s pretty…errr…decent. whispering, ‘sorry’

No, it’s not because the video quality or what, no. N.O.

I think some of the scene, especially at 0:51, is kinda…too fast. You should slow it down to make the scene touchable.

Overall, I think this is a great video, I’m not saying that I’m good at video, blame Vista for WMM crash, Sony Vegas incompatibility, Premiere Element confusing-ness, and state-of-the art-but-still-I-blame-Vista-for this Premiere Pro (recommended for you)

Transition: 4.5/5
Video flow: 4/5
Effects: 3.5/5
Storyline: fan video: n/a
Video quality: n/a

Overall: A - 4/5

P/S: WMM has a lot of things/tricks/hints to do. Discover everything. You have a lot of potential!

wannabechef91: Don’t worry, I understand what you mean. The main problem is that there’s a lot I wanted to fit in but it had to be in sync with the music and not drag on for too long. If I cut some corners here and there I would’ve been able to make some parts work better. But you have to remember, I haven’t really made any fan videos before this. If I do make another one, I’ll keep your advice in mind.

Well, you have a lot of potential I gotta say. :slight_smile:

And yeah, my bad too, everything starts with first step, and usually not very good.

Great effort BTW!

wipes tear Excellent work, Bryko! It had the sentimental feel of the Japanese trailer. I have no words for it, just a superb job on your part. What music was used for most of the trailer?