Up Network TV Premiere

Last night, I heard a commercial for Up’s premiere on Disney Channel September 9th at 8 PM. The best part was instead of annoying Disney Channel background songs, they actually used Mikey G’s score.

I saw the ad earlier today! I’m very excited. I’ll watch my DVD instead for convenience, but I’m happy they’re playing it.

Yes!!! :smiley: I cannot wait!
Hey, family! September 9th…The television is MINE. :smiling_imp:

Is this its first time airing on The Disney Channel? If so, I’m a bit surprised! I don’t have cable as you all most likely know by now, but I’ll tell some of my friends. That’s pretty neat!

They always wait 2 years before broadcasting a Disney or Pixar movie.

Wow. It seems like yesterday when I was at Disneyland and I watched Up in theatres. Now it’ll be on TV. How fast time goes by!

That’s cool. But they always show it on Starz.

It’s actually on at 7:15, not 8. So. make sure you get that right.

Is this just in the United States?

I think so. But I could be wrong.

I just turned it on. You know how channels sometimes cut or change things to fit the time slot? Well, when Carl’s house first went up, they had it flying by so fast that it looked like Peter Pan on steroids. I understand that channels have to do this sometimes, but it was really disconcerting O.o

They shouldn’t be doing anything like that to any movie. Its a complete disgrace. The time slot should fit the movie, not the movie having to fit a time slot.

^^agreed. Especially on Disney Channel. It’s THEIR movie. And it’s not like they need to play more ads- seriously, what, another ad for that tween dancing show? But it really throws you when you watch a movie and suddenly a scene isn’t there or something. I put on Beauty and the Beast instead.

I defintely agree.

Wow, that’s…awful! :confused: So they sped it up instead of cutting parts out? That’s really ridiculous…

Yes, and on Starz, they show the whole movie, without commercials. :wink: But, DVD is still better.

It was on ABC Family last night I believe. I didnt watch it cuz I was out with the hordes at the mall. But they were playing Pixar stuff all week.

Not suprised. It seems that ABC Family always plays Pixar movies, that or Harry Potter. They make up 87% of the movies that station plays.