Up Proposal Cupcakes

I love cupcakes (or cakecups, as I call them). I stubeled across this link from another blog, and just had to share it!

blog.girlybubble.com/2011/01/22/ … -proposal/

That is the perfect Proposal! So sweet. I’d say yes!

Awwwww…those are so sweet! <3

I bet they taste sweet too!

They sure look like they taste good!

Ooh! :smiley: I saw these on Cartoon Brew the other day, even though I mostly stopped circulating the site. They look delicious! I really hate looking up pretty pictures of cartoon dessert when I’m hungry, though… :slight_smile:

Haha, sorry if I made you hungry! And yes, I got this blog post from a link that Cartoon Brew set up!

aww! What a perfect way to propose to a Pixar geek.
I, for one, wouldn’t be able to say no to such an awesome marriage proposal.

^ I don’t think I would really want to refuse a proposal like that, either. :laughing:

How could anyone decline a proposal like this? Congrats, dude! :sunglasses: I’m keeping this in mind.

That’s so cute!! I know I’d say yes. <3

Wow!! These are about some of the cutest Pixar cupcakes I’ve ever seen! And using Up characters is just the sweetest thing <3 Forget the ring! Make me cupcakes like this and I’ll for sure say “yes”! :mrgreen: :laughing:

I wonder what they tasted like!

^And that’s only if they actually ate them! The designs were so amazing and it was such a sweet surprise, could one really eat them? I’ve seen my share of amazing cakes and wonder if they ever get eaten or if they just sit and look awesome.

I’m too much of a glutton, I’d have to eat it no matter how pretty it is!

^That’s true for me, too :slight_smile: Looove myself some sweets…

How cute! They look delicious!