Upcoming Shorts

Sorry if this was answered elsewhere but what shorts will be accompanying Cars 3 and Coco?

At the moment, I have no data on the accompanying shorts.
This isn’t usually known until release date gets very close.

Also, I couldn’t find any information on pending shorts either, so that didn’t give any clues as to which ones we might be getting.

I know their next short already…“Lou”.

Obviously not that new but how much does everyone love Piper?

I thought it was a much needed return to classic Pixar vs high concept shorts like Lava. Beyond that, I thought it was cute for cute sake.

Adorably cute isn’t a bad thing.
Personally, I think it shows a return to form, their last short was not interesting to me at all, all visuals/special effects and nothing else.

Thought I’d bump this since there are no shorts announced past TS4 (boy, typing that never gets any easier.)

When Will Pixar Announce The Next Short Film?